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How to reset transmission control module Chevy


Are you rid of the same old transmission taking place on your Chevy? Also, do you want to equip the vehicle with something new for efficient transmission? For that, you need to know the way to reset the transmission control module Chevy. The particular process is excellent for an automatic transmission.

The sections in this article guide you on a detailed process for resetting the transmission in a hassle-free way. There is no need to use any other tool if you properly follow the steps. Whenever your Chevy is running slow, this method is useful. When you follow these steps, you will remove confusion on How do I reset transmission control module Chevy Silverado? Continue reading below to get an exact idea on how to reset the module:

Steps to reset transmission control module of Chevy:

Turn key position: 

The first step in the process of resetting the transmission control module is you need to undergo the key position. Initially, you need to turn the key position and adjust it to 2.

Now you need to check the dash lights of the car and make sure these lights are visible. If they are visible, move to the next step. In the first step, no need to push the accelerator and initiate the car. Keep in mind not to do it in the beginning. Once you have set the key position, you need to be careful.

Listen to sounds because there will be two clicks. Subsequently, the dash lights will be turned on. In this position, don’t turn on the engine. This process is also the first step for reset gm adaptive transmission. Know the 4l60e transmission control module location properly for turning the key position.

Press the gas pedal: 

In this step, you need to press the gas pedal. You have to make sure you are pressing it downward. It is helpful if you have pushed the accelerator pedal to the floor since it assists to activate the kick-down switch. In that position, you need to trigger the kick-down switch. Make sure you don’t take off the force from the gas pedal. If you do so, the entire process will be ineffective.


Be patient for the changes to come into effect. Wait for 10 minutes and don’t remove force from the particular gas pedal. The gas pedal starts working in 10-12 seconds for the resetting procedure. Just push it and wait for the process to work successfully.

Turn off the key:

In this step, move to the key again and do not release the pedal. Do this step with your feet on the pedal.  Previously, the keys were turned to 2 and now go through them once more and place them back to their previous position.

Using your hands, turn the key to zero.  You may have a habit of turning the key to zero as well as removing the key. However, in that case, you could not do this same thing and cannot take off the key. Once the key is turned back to the previous position, keep the key there. Keep in mind not to remove it. It is important to check the model and know if it is needed to take off the key or not. In the majority of the Chevy models, the key would not be removed. The 2000 Chevy Silverado transmission problems may happen if the key is not removed.

Release gas pedal:

When you turned the key back to zero position, you can take off the force from the gas pedal. Keep in mind to keep your feet on the pedal all through the previous step. You only need to remove the force from Chevy’s gas pedal when you are finished with turning the key back to zero position. Many users doubt on does a new Transmission Control Module needs to be reset after installing one? The answer is yes because these steps help you to reset the module perfectly without errors.


The delay during the wait is usually not liked by most users. However, doing this assists you in making the reset procedure simpler. Once you release feet from the gas pedal, just wait and give some rest to your Chevy. Taking more time to wait is one of the symptoms of a bad transmission control module. Make sure your Chevy model does not take more waiting time.

Make sure your Chevy’s engine should be allowed to rest for approximately 2-3 minutes. Make sure you keep the key to the left position in the ignition where the off position is available. Also, do not move the key. Wait for a few minutes and then proceed to the next step. 

Drive your Chevy:

The process of resetting the module of Chevy is almost done. Now you have already completed the engine control unit process as well as the transmission control unit process. Now you just need to drive the vehicle. The TCU and ECU processes will work together. They will attempt to learn your driving technique. Also, they would monitor the driving pattern you have and deal with that.

Many people doubt on does a transmission control module needs to be programmed? The answer is yes. You have to program the TCU process as mentioned above. Once you are finished with the ECU and TCU programming, drive your vehicle carefully. You can drive for typically 15-20 minutes.

Keep in mind that you are teaching the engine how you drive. Hence, do not attempt to go for a race. If you are not racing it, make sure to drive at a decent speed. Actually, the speed, in this case, is the speed at which you usually run your car. Also, make sure the transmission you are choosing is smooth. Therefore, you can effortlessly shift your transmission. If you are confused about how to reset the transmission control module on a Ford then follow the same steps as above. If the 1998 Chevrolet Cheyenne k1500 3rd gear is not working, follow the same steps mentioned above.

See detail here:


When you know how to reset transmission control module Chevy, you will not face a problem with the same transmission. The steps mentioned above are easy to follow. Within 10 minutes, you can finish the process and reset this module in your particular Chevy module. Once you are done with appropriate resetting steps as mentioned here, you can drive the vehicle for 15 minutes, and finally, you are done. Also, these steps are helpful if you wish to go for an automatic transmission. When this module is reset, you will find improvement in your driving performance.

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