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How to find axle ratio dodge ram 1500


Before getting familiar with how to find axle ratio dodge ram 1500, it is essential to know what it means by the axle ratio. It is the integer of the revolution that the driveshaft needs to make for rotating the axle one whole turn. With this ratio, you can easily determine the number of spinning. Also, this number refers to the teeth present on the ring gear and it is divided by the number of teeth present on the pinion as well.

Steps to find Axle Ratio Dodge Ram 1500:

The steps described below help you to find axle ratio dodge ram 1500:

1. Find the metal tag:

The foremost step is to find out the metal tag. For finding it, you need to go through the rear axle carrier covering. You will easily see a metal tag in this housing. Usually, the gear ratio of the dodge ram is engraved on the metal tag. Bearing in mind the gear ratio, you need to look for the axle ratio of the vehicle.

2. Place drive pan:

The next step is to raise your dodge ram on jack stands. Make sure to be very careful when performing this step. Once lifted, you need to begin supporting the truck over the jack stands. Once it gets the necessary support, you need to move to place the drive pan in the proper place. Make sure to place it carefully in the carrier housing. Now look for a wrench and bolts with size 13 mm. Also, you will need a screwdriver to remove the bolts. Now, when taking the gears, remove the 13mm bolts present on the housing. 

3. Counting:

Now you need to count the gear ratio. For that, firstly, rotate the tire which informs you of the gear ratio. When you are spinning, you need to begin counting. You will find teeth in the huge ring gear. Now you need to count the teeth. Also, you have to move your significance to the tiny pinion gear. This pinion gear is found on the ring gear of dodge ram 1500. To make it easy, you can divide the smaller numbers which are in the bigger number. Finally, the number you get is the gear ratio of dodge ram 1500.

4. Clean the gasket:

Firstly, take a gasket scraper for cleaning the gasket from the cover. Now take a cloth to clean the sealing of the edge of this cover. Before beginning the cleaning procedure, take a bear of RTV sealant. After that, take the sealant and put it around the exterior boundary of that cover present in the sealing area. Once placed properly, allow it to dry.

5. Fill gear oil in the carrier:

In this step, you need to move to the cover and set it up. During installation, you will find some 13mm bolts. First of all, install the cover and then tighten it. Using a socket or wrench, tighten the bolts. Once tightened, use the gear oil. Now pour the gear oil inside the carrier and fill it. This entire process is completed via the access plug that is located on the side. Make sure to fill it completely.

To check when it gets full, monitor the gear lube. Once it fills up and the corresponding gear lube starts to go back outside of the access hole of the dodge ram 1500, it is sure that the whole process is now done. Hence, you have now filled the carrier fully with the gear oil.

6. Understand the axle ratio:

When finding out the axle ratio of your dodge ram 1500 to change the ratio to some different one, there are plenty of things to consider. For a new vehicle, keep in mind that the shift points inside the transmission will alter. Other things that will change are cruising RPM and speedometer.

For a four-wheel vehicle, make sure the front ratio and the rear-ratio should agree. If the ratio is higher, the gearing will be lower. The vice-versa is also true i.e. lower the ratio, the higher would be the gearing.

The gear ratio of 3.9 shoes that for each revolution of the tire, the corresponding driveshaft will spin 3.9 times.  

To make the process easy, you can look at the label on your rear axle. It effectively helps in finding out the precise axle ratio without any chances of errors. Generally, the front axle label of a dodge ram 1500 would be more protected than the rear axle label. The higher axle ratio implies that it gives more acceleration to your dodge ram 1500.


When you follow these steps properly, you can remove confusion on how to find axle ratio Dodge Ram 1500. Moreover, you effortlessly alter the previous axle ratio into a new one.

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