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Best sbc cast iron heads


When the need arises to buy an engine, the vital factors to consider are performance and efficiency. Along with that, one more vital aspect to consider is whether the engine is equipped with a high-performance head or not. It is found that the SBC (Small Block Chevy) heads made up of cast iron boost the efficiency of engines. 

These heads sit on the top of the engine covering the combustion chamber. Moreover, these heads provide constant lubrication within the cylinder for smooth working. Therefore, it is important to make sure the cylinder heads are of decent quality else the vehicle riding experience will be unsafe. The following article is beneficial for you to choose the best SBC cast iron heads:

1. LIMICAR Head Bolts Kit 134-3601:

Product Link: https://amzn.to/3wca4JQ 

Being the best SBC cast iron head on this list, the LIMICAT head bolts kit comes with tons of useful features. One of the greatest features it supports is it offers wide compatibility with various engines. It is found compatible with SBC Chevy 265/283/302/305/307/327/350/400/5.0L/5.7L Cylinder Bolts. Moreover, it is compatible with 1955-2002 Chevrolet 262-400ci Small Block V-8 Engines. The rated pressure to let it work smoothly is 170,000 PSI. The kit also fits several 23° aftermarket cast iron as well as aluminum heads from the World Products.

Another great feature is this kit comes in a durable construction. The included head is built in steel and aluminum for long-term usage. Furthermore, the black oxide exterior reinforces the overall durability. The head style is round and the fastener type is Hexagon Bolt. Although the construction is solid, the weight is just 4.5 pounds.

With the available broached bolt ends, it is easy to install and remove the cylinder head. Hence, the concentricity is perfect. To deliver excellent fatigue strength, the heads are threads rolled after going through heat treatment.


  • Excellent sealing performance 
  • Good corrosion resistance 
  • Increases the engine’s lifetime 
  • Great quality for an affordable price
  • Quick and easy to install
  • All parts are easy to clean


  • No extra tools needed for installation 

2. SBC Small Block Chevy V8 Cylinder Head Bolt Set: 

Product Link: https://amzn.to/3f2Ra2f 

When you are assembling a novel iron-head small block, this set can be considered. It perfectly fits the Chevy motor and can be used for rebuilding an old set of factory heads. It consists of 34 pieces including OEM-quality Grade 8 fasteners. One of the great features of this set is it does not need washers. These bolts are compatible with S/B Fits Chevy having cast iron heads. Every bolt comes with a proper length.  A 5/8 inch hex provides excellent tensile strength, up to 150,000 PSI.

Another great feature to note about this set is all the pieces come in durable steel construction.  The fastener type is Hexagon Bolt and the head style is hex. Moreover, threads are coated with a sealant so that they make the assembly procedure quick. All the included head bolts are reusable, non-stretching, and durable. Even after multiple usages, they don’t compromise in their effectiveness.  Being easy to replace, they save you time and effort. Within less time, you can complete the installation or removal whenever needed.


  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Easy to install and replace
  • No need for washers
  • Perfect dimensions overall


  • Limited compatibility 

3. Elgin EHC99S Cylinder Head Bolt: 

Product Link: https://amzn.to/3hBBlkV

The aforementioned cylinder head bolt is compatible with SBC engines having OE iron or aluminum heads. You need to use washers. One of the decent features to note is the bolt is built in cold-forged heat-treated steel. Unlike the typical steel, this steel material can withstand intense rigors. Also, it guarantees long-lasting durability. The finish on the surface is of black oxide.  

Another wonderful feature is this bolt comes with 190,000 PSI tensile strength. The set contains bolts for 2 heads. They work as perfect replacements for 1957-2002 SBC passenger cars and trucks equipped with 262, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 383, and 400 V8 engines having cast-iron cylinder heads.  The fastener type is stud bolt. Moreover, the metallic color presents an attractive look. Overall, the bolts work smoothly and improve the efficiency of the engine.


  • Cold-forged and heat treated
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • Affordable price
  • Built from quality steel


  • The short bolts cannot torque efficiently

Who makes the best SBC heads?

Here are the top manufacturers who make the best SBC heads:

  • Flotek
  • Edelbrock
  • Speedmaster
  • DNA Motoring Store
  • Dart

Which is better cast iron or aluminum heads?

Cast iron heads come in sturdy construction and they are bulky. They benefit in terms of fuel economy. On the other hand, aluminum heads are comparatively lighter and less corrosive in the air. You will benefit from a noticeable boost in engine performance when you use aluminum heads. 

Cast iron heads are more expensive than aluminum heads. This is because cast iron comes with more ability to generate higher horsepower. Moreover, cast iron heads have a low to mild compression ratio and better combustion efficacy.  The aluminum heads come with mid to high-level compression ratios. In terms of optimum heat tolerance, aluminum heads are more suitable than cast iron heads. Since aluminum is a soft metal, it leads to smooth machining.

In terms of lightweight design and heat tolerance, aluminum heads can be considered. In terms of improving the engine’s performance, fuel economy, and durability, you can consider cast iron heads. Once you consider these aspects, there will be no confusion on which is better cast iron or aluminum heads.

How do you choose heads for SBC?

When you know the things to consider for selecting heads for SBC, you can jump to a proper buying decision. If there is confusion on how do you choose heads for SBC, take a look below


When you buy SBC cast iron heads without checking the compatibility with your engine, your investment will be useless. So, firstly, check the compatibility with your engine. Go through the specifications of heads you want to buy. It clearly mentions the list of engines with which it can work. 

Type of application:

Before choosing cylinder heads, it is important to determine the application for which you want to use the vehicle engine. For example, road racing, street driving, circle track, and many more applications demand specific kinds of cylinder heads within the engine. Also, you can change the valve lift, airflow, duration, etc. to upgrade the performance of the engine.

Size of combustion chamber:

The efficiency of your car engine is of utmost importance. To ensure its optimum efficiency, you need to choose the appropriately sized combustion chamber. Doing this increases the compression fraction. Don’t forget to match the components like bore, stroke, ring location, head gasket, and deck clearance.

Can you get 500HP out of a 350?

A characteristic 350 Chevy can deliver 350-375 HP power before it exceeds the reliability of the components. In a large block with identical stock components, the engine can make approx. 400 to 475 HP and can handle a maximum of 500 HP before exceeding the consistency of the stock cast pistons. So, the answer to –can you get 500 HP out of a 350 is yes.


To make sure the engine performs efficiently and smoothly, it is nice to equip with the best SBC cast iron heads. These heads provide good combustion efficiency and come in a durable construction.

From the discussion above, the winner is LIMICAR Head Bolts Kit 134-3601. This kit of SBC heads provides a boost in the engine’s performance as well as increases its lifetime. These heads are easy to install and remove. Moreover, they are compatible with a wide range of engine models.

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