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Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350 Reviewed 2021


The Chevrolet 350 is essentially a tiny-block V8 engine found in standard production from 1955 to 2003. The word ‘manifold’ suggests that it is a metal lump comprising of various channels for inputs as well as outputs. The intake manifold is the portion of an engine that delivers the air/fuel mixture to the cylinders. Moreover, intake manifolds can work as a simple flow controller or a more complex controller with various parts. 

When you equip a suitable intake manifold, certainly, the air entering the engine is uniformly distributed to all parts of the cylinders. It is also shown that an intake manifold can increase the horsepower output of a Chevy 350.

Top 5 best intake manifold for a Chevy 350 in the market today

1. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold: 

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Holding the position of the best edelbrock intake manifold for chevy 350 in this list, this manifold works flawlessly and efficiently. One of the greatest features is it conveys excellent performance through square-bore carburetors. As a result, your Chevy 350 begins to work more efficiently.  


When connected to Thunder Series AVS carburetors or Performer Series square-bore, the horsepower increment found is up to 5,500 RPM.  The average boost in torque is found in the range of 3000 to 4500 RPM. Furthermore, the Dyno test depicts that the power gains an additional 5 HP, 9 pounds/foot, and torque over the whole RPM range on their personal performer manifolds.

Discussing its body construction, it is built from quality aluminum. On the surface, the natural finish enhances the overall appearance and also enhances durability. Moreover, the manifold comes in a dual-plane intake style. Essentially, it is a low-rise design along with a 180° firing. It is possible to set up this manifold on stock or original equipment standard deck.


  • Increases the horsepower of Chevy 350
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Excellent torque across a wide RPM range
  • Outstanding throttle response
  • Increases airflow


  • Takes some time for setup

2. Edelbrock 2116 Performer Vortec Aluminum Intake Manifold: 

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Edelbrock 2116 manifold is primarily designed for the square bore flange (non-EGR). You can also use it for spread-bore carburetors. It can work as a substitute for the OEM unit. It is basically a dual-plane style performer vortex intake manifold that belongs to the famous Performer Series from Edelbrock. Generally, it is utilized for street rods. 


This manifold can generate power ranging from idle to 5, 500 RPM. Up to this RPM level, the torque generated is excellent. There is a special provision for water bypass from outside. It is possible to use this manifold with Vortex blocks or 1995 and earlier blocks. The compatibility is great with the late-model water neck, HEI, air conditioning, and alternator.

Another great feature of this aluminum intake manifold is it comes in a patented dual-plane type low-rise design. Moreover, the design also highlights 180° firing to enhance torque. The use of quality aluminum makes it durable yet lightweight.


  • Great price for the features 
  • Nice casting without any issues
  • Increases torque and engine efficiency
  • Supports external water bypass


  • Limited compatibility

3. Edelbrock 7501 Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold:

One of the greatest features of the Edelbrock 7502 intake manifold is it features a unique Air-Gap design. This design showcases an open space amongst the hot engine oil and the intake runners. As a result, it provides efficient charging without overheating issues. The runners are adjusted to increase the power by 1,000 RPM. So, it can boost the limit from 5,500 RPM to 6,500 RPM. The design also showcases rear water outlets, nitrous bosses, and 2 distributor clamp locations. 

Built from quality aluminum, this manifold lasts longer. The natural finish on the surface further improves durability. Moreover, the air-gap design protects the runner against the heat emitted from the lifter-valley cover. There is a temperature sending unit that clears away all water necks.

Another great feature is the smooth handle using which you can operate it conveniently. Within 10 minutes, you can complete the installation. Outstanding craftsmanship and great performance justify your investment in the Edelbrock 7501 intake manifold.


  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Premium build quality
  • Beautiful natural finish
  • Efficient charging with more power delivery


  • Bad quality control
  • Absence of exhaust cross-over

4. Edelbrock 3704 Performer T.B.I. Intake Manifold: 

This manifold is a T. B. I. (Throttle Body Injection) type manifold. It comes in a dual-plane, low-rise design along with a 180° firing. Especially, its patented runner design enhances the torque across a broad range of RPM. This is why this manifold conveys a superb throttle response.

During its operation, it guides the air/air-fuel mixture directly from the throttle body towards the intake ports within the cylinder head. Consequently, the flow proceeds from the throttle body within a chamber known as the plenum. Subsequently, it feeds individual tubes known as runners. You can use this intake manifold for RVs, trucks, and passenger cars.

The base is made up of aluminum along with a natural finish. When it comes to compatibility, it can work with all OEM equipment as well as throttle body injectors (with bore size (1-11/16)). When you want to feed your engine with extra torque then this manifold is useful.


  • Perfect fit
  • Great casting
  • Suitable for various vehicles’ engines
  • Smooth airflow to the engine
  • Suitable for long-term usage


  • Machining is not precise

5. Edelbrock 2101 Performer Intake Manifold:

With all small-block Chevrolets, this Edelbrock intake manifold works great. It supports a maximum torque speed of 5,500 RPM. The patented design prominently enhances torque across a broad RPM range. Henceforth, the throttle response is nice, especially across the mid-range. The corresponding throttle response mainly improves the performance of a small-block Chevrolet. 

Once you set it up, it guides the air/air-fuel mixture directly from the throttle body towards the intake ports inside the cylinder head.  This flow moves on the throttle body inside a chamber i.e. the plenum. After that, the airflow is fed to individual tubes known as runners. This manifold’s design highlights a 180° firing order and dual-plane, low-rise style.

Intake is built from quality aluminum material having a natural finish on the surface. This finish makes the design look appealing and also enhances durability.  Moreover, there is an arrangement to add an oil fill tube. Another key aspect to note is this manifold is a 50-state street legal while used with the proper carburetor and in the proper application. You can fit it inside a 1969 Chevy C20. With a significant boost in torque and efficiency, your engine begins to work more smoothly.


  • Allows addition of oil fill tube
  • Necessary installation instructions included
  • Excellent throttle response 
  • Good torque over a broad RPM range
  • Fast and efficient airflow


  • Difficult to install a socket on bolts at the center


1. What is the best intake manifold for a Chevy 350?

The best intake manifold for a Chevy 350 is the Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold. It is equipped with a solid dual-plane aluminum mold which works very well with the carbureted motor. Furthermore, it works efficiently to boost the efficiency of your Chevy 350 without much load to its internal components.

2. Do aftermarket intake manifolds increase horsepower?

The answer to Do aftermarket intake manifolds increase horsepower? is yes if the manifold comes with bigger, taller, and/or longer runners. This is because such runners can feed the engine with more amount of air and fuel to boost the horsepower output and torque.

3. How much horsepower does an Edelbrock intake manifold add?

If you are confused about How much horsepower does an Edelbrock intake manifold add? Then the answer is between 5 to 10 HP. An average CAI system can add this much HP to your engine based on the location, type, engine size car model, and car make.

4. How much horsepower does an intake manifold give?

If you are confused about How much horsepower does an intake manifold give?, it is typically 15-25 HP with a FAST 90 and some other decent mods. Moreover, a ported FAST and decent aftermarket TB adds slightly more horsepower, but up to 40 HP.

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Concluding Note:

When it comes to the smooth and efficient performance of your Chevy 350, these are some of the best intake manifolds to consider. Most of them come in durable construction and easy to assemble and disassemble.

From the above discussion, the winner is Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold. This product significantly boosts the horsepower output, torque, and throttle response of your Chevy 350. Besides, it increases the airflow to make sure the engine works more smoothly and efficiently. For performance efficiency, this intake manifold provides excellent torque across a wide RPM range.

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