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Best cam for 5.7 hemi ram 2021


In any engine, a camshaft is a basic component. It controls the valves. Moreover, it adjusts the amount of blend of fuel and air that goes into the chamber. Ultimately, it controls the efficiency of gas combustion from the earlier ignition cycle. It makes the way for the next charge in the chamber.

There is a noteworthy effect on the performance of the engine based on the type of camshaft used.  Before buying a camshaft, you may get confused about is the Ram 5.7 Hemi reliable? Well, the following article helps you to choose the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:

1. COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

Being the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram in this entire list, this roller cam comes with lots of functionalities. It supports a broad power range, outstanding response, and decent drivability. One of the greatest features it supports is its wide operating range. It can work in the range of 1,800-6,400 RPM. Looking at other specifications, it comes with a 115° lobe separation angle and 212/218 duration at .05″. Moreover, the valve lift is 0.558″/0.563″.


Another great feature is it is designed with the Xtreme Energy technology. This technology offers outstanding power through the improved cylinder head design of the engine. Hence, the RPM potential is high. The three important aspects are the big journal diameter, base circle, and rocker arm ratio of 1.7+. Therefore, the stability is great. Furthermore, there is support for the 3-bolt configuration. It can work well with the GM LS GEN III/IV.  The minor lope at idle makes it a wonderful improvement overstock. Overall, the gains are nice and there is no need to go very much extreme with the valve springs. Once tuned properly, the sound and power gain will be excellent.

To operate this camshaft efficiently, you can use an exhaust set up and an efficient cold air intake mechanism. This hydraulic roller cam is a superb upgrade for a Silverado/Sierra pickup. So, it let it work as an excellent daily driver.


  • High stability
  • Runs efficiently and flawlessly
  • Significant power output
  • The best option for a daily driver 
  • No need for a converter 


  • Installation takes time

2. COMP Cams 112-502-11 XFI 224/228 Hydraulic Roller Cam: 

When it comes to choosing a camshaft for Dodge 5.7/6.1L, you can buy this COMP Cams camshaft.  It supports speed in a range of 2,000-6,200 RPM. The strongest power output is at 2500 RPM. For the operation of this roller cam, an efficient exhaust and wide rev limit are required. Taking a look at the specification, the lobe separation angle is 114°. Due to lobe separation, there will be an improvement in vacuum generation and powerband width expansion. It supports 224/228 duration at 0.05″.  Moreover, the valve lift is 0.547″/0.550″.


You may wonder what is the best tuner for a 5.7 Hemi? Well, this roller camshaft is tuned for efficient use. It can be used for the EFI applications wherein additional airflow indication through the carburetor is not needed.  You benefit from custom tuning and the moderate tuning alterations and programming gives you the best results. 

One great feature it supports is it can fit non-VVT Dodge 5.7/6.1L Hemi. Furthermore, this roller cam functions well with the aftermarket cylinder heads. Also, it offers a significant improvement in performance for the EFI based vehicles. The drivability across the town is excellent.


  • Large engine efficiency
  • Supports custom tuning easily
  • High torque output
  • Comes with an optimum operating range
  • Wide compatibility 


  • Comes with low idle stalling 
  • Absence of the lifters or assembly lube

3. Cam Lifters Kit w/Head Gasket Set: 

This product works best as the 2017 5.7 hemi cam and lifter kit. The kit comes complete with a camshaft, cylinder head gasket set, head bolt set, and a set of 16 valve lifters. Hence, you will get all the components you need for use. One of the greatest features it comes is great compatibility. It works well with the Chrysler Aspen Dodge Durango Ram 1500 with capacities of 5.7L and 6.4L Hemi and MDS engines.

The structure shows a groove that is machined throughout the barrel right in the front of the journal. This makes it compatible with the Dodges Je-eps Chry-slers through automatic transmissions. Also, it is compatible with the latest Durango which is based on the Grand Cherokee platform of 2011. 


This camshaft possesses VVT (variable valve timing) and MDS (multiple displacement system). The MDS works such that while running at the highway, the speed will shut down to utilize just 4 cylinders instead of 8. Hence, there will be not much fuel consumption. There is a crank sensor inside the VVT motor. It includes 58 notches.

When you plan to replace the lifters, it is mandatory to replace the camshaft. When you make replace the old one with this camshaft, you will find that even after approx. 1000 miles, the performance is great. The direct replacement offers a proper fit. Though initially, there will be a slight noise after an hour, the engine will run quietly.  


  • Performance is the same even after extended use
  • Runs quietly
  • Enhanced performance 
  • High stability and reliability
  • Safe and comfortable riding experience


  • No quality control 
  • Some parts are not durable

4. COMP Cams 54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

If you are looking for a camshaft for a 5.7 Hemi ram that offers good torque then go for this one. It offers a great boost in performance and the mid-range power is strong. One of the excellent features is the operating range is wide i.e. 900-6,700 RPM. The lobe separation angle is 114°. Also, there is a support for the 212/218 duration at .05″.  The valve lift is found to be 0.522″/0.529″. There is a special implementation of the Xtreme Energy technology. It offers outstanding power along with the improved cylinder head design of the LS engine. The torque output is excellent from idle to 6800 RPM.

The decent stability lets you benefit from the huge base circle, journal diameter, and rocker arm ratio of 1.7+. It is possible to use this roller cam with GM LS GEN III/IV. Furthermore, it comes implemented with the 3-bolt configuration. The camshaft has a slight slope at idle. It is recommended to use a decent exhaust set up as well as a high-performance cold air intake mechanism. As a result, the camshaft will continue to work flawlessly. The compatibility is nice with the stock stall converter.

Especially if you need a little power from a daily driver then this cam is a great choice. It gives a great boost in power. The gains are nice and there is no need to go very much extreme with the valve springs. When the engine is warmed up, you can listen to the sound. There is no need for tuning once the installation is correct. But to make the most benefit, you can make tuning as per your needs.


  • Lightweight design
  • A nice upgrade for a daily driver
  • Can pick up power at a wide range
  • High torque output
  • No need for a converter
  • Wide operating range


  • Works only for certain dodge car models

5. COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

The 222/230 hydraulic roller cam mentioned above is one of the best towing cam for 5.7 ram hemi. It is a great fit for the Dodge 5.7/6.1L HEMI with VVT (variable valve timing). Especially for the 6.4L applications, the performance is excellent. It is necessary to look at its specification. The operating range is 2,100-7,100 RPM. The intake duration is 270 whereas the exhaust duration is 283. Moreover, the intake and exhaust valve lift are respectively 0.615 and 0.609. The lobe separation angle is 115°.

In terms of high horsepower and engine efficiency, this roller cam excels in the market. One great feature it comes with is it does not overload the engine. During the operation, it takes off a significant load off the engine to free up adequate power and torque. So, the extra torque and power can be used for some other purposes. There are no problems with compatibility. This is because this camshaft can work well with the 201-428-17 XFI 226/234 hydraulic roller.

When compared to the conventional engine design, the torque output is quite clear whenever this roller is installed. Hence, some horsepower enthusiasts may get surprised seeing the output of this camshaft. When looking for a camshaft with high engine efficiency, you can go for this one.  Usually, replacing a conventional engine setup with a more reliable hydraulic camshaft can be complex. However, the investment in this camshaft can prove to be worth it in terms of time and money.

One of the greatest benefits is the boost in engine efficiency as well as performance. The corresponding roller system is more reliable. The top-notch design helps to boost the overall performance. Discussing the construction, there is the use of well-built materials. These materials can sustain the rough usage with a 116° lobe separation helping to enhance vacuum production. Installing a hydraulic roller cam for the dodge vehicles takes the performance to the next level. There will be a supply of extra horsepower which the traditional camshafts cannot offer.


  • High horsepower output
  • Excellent engine efficiency
  • Ruggedly built to sustain harsh conditions
  • Compatible with aftermarket cylinder heads
  • Can be used with a super charger


  • Needs extra installation kits
  • May require professional installation

6. Comp Cams 26918CC-KIT .600″ Beehive Spring Kit: 

The 26918CC-KIT as mentioned above is equipped with steel retainers for fit with the ’09-’18 Dodge 5.7L Hemi. It is basically a Beehive spring kit useful for the mentioned model of Hemi. There is no need for any machine work for installation. The execution of the advanced design shows valve springs. They provide high stability and high RPM. There will be an improvement in horsepower and lifespan. These springs manage the stress from the violent camshafts more efficiently than the old single/dual spring designs. 

One of its great features is its unique shape. This shape removes harmful harmonics. After removal, there will be a boost in durability, RPM, and horsepower. Due to the tapered design, the Beehive springs decrease the entire valvetrain weight. This contributes to a boost in RPM potential. Also, it reduces friction and heat. The valve lift support is 0.600″. This is the maximum limit of the valve lift resultant from the violent hydraulic roller camshafts.  Moreover, the use of premium quality materials makes it long-lasting. Using this kit, there is no need to guess some parameters for the HEMI engine.

Weighing only 4.55 pounds, it feels comfortable during installation. The spring kits for this camshaft are available with either titanium or steel retainers. The perfect choice for spring kits perfectly matches the requirements of a modern HEMI vehicle owner. For those wanting the lightest valvetrain, it is better to go for titanium. is the best choice. But, for street application or daily use, the chrome steel offers lasting performance. The pack contains the beehive spring kits for the Dodge HEMI. All essential components are included for proper installation. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • High stability and durability
  • No machine work needed
  • Eliminates the guesswork for a HEMI engine
  • High efficiency
  • Supports new lobe profiles 


  • Absence of filters or assembly tubes

Buying Guide for best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:

When you know the things to consider for choosing a camshaft for 5.7 Hemi ram, you can make a better purchase decision. So, let’s look at the buying guide for the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:


For efficient operation of the engine of the 5.7 Hemi ram, the proper horsepower is essential. Many customers are confused about how much HP does a cam add to a 5.7 Hemi? Well, it varies in each model and you need to look at the detailed specification before making a purchase. Also, some customers ask on can you cam a 5.7 Hemi? Yes, with proper horsepower output and efficiency, it is possible.


If you are purchasing an aftermarket camshaft, you may be attempting to gain the maximum benefit of your 5.7L engine. The performance of a camshaft is essential for the increase in the efficiency of the engine. You can look at the horsepower and the performance rating of a camshaft to get an idea n the performance. Based on your personal preferences along with the amount of torque required to use in a camshaft, the performance may vary.

Your budget decides the type of camshaft you need to buy. Generally, the high-end models provide more torque output, excellent RPM range, and high performance. You can consider paying a high price if you wish for a camshaft with powerful racing abilities. Substituting a camshaft gives a great benefit in many models. For example, it is possible to add nearly 70 HP to a 5.7 Hemi with a cam change. Moreover, with a decent choice, it is possible to cam your Ram – 5.7 Hemi performance cam swap.


One of the most vital factors to take into account before buying a camshaft is the compatibility with your vehicle. It is useless to buy one that cannot work well with your vehicle. Firstly, check the specification of your vehicle and also look at the product details. Checking out the detail is the foremost step in getting the correct camshaft for a vehicle.

Keep in mind that a camshaft is an extremely specific and cutting-edge vehicle part. Hence, it must not be utilized with incompatible vehicles.

Lobe separation:

The lobe separation is the next inevitable factor of a camshaft which you must pay attention to. It is accountable for the efficient functioning of the intake as well as exhaust valves. Moreover, the process of opening and closing such valves is accountable for the efficient working of the engine. If due to a certain reason the lobe separation is not correctly configured then the timing of the intake as well as exhaust valves will be imprecise.

In some unfavorable cases, this can lead to the malfunctioning of the engine. Hence, the lobe separation is important to consider before investing in a particular camshaft. In the product specification, you will find the info on the lobe separation and the way it functions. If it is not mentioned then you can consider that the lobe separation is based on the purpose, displacement, and compression ratio of the engine.

Types of cams for 5.7 Hemi Ram:

Based on the way they cooperate with the lifter, it is found that there are two available types of camshafts for 5.7 Hemi Ram. The same are discussed below:

i. Roller Cam:

The roller cam does not need spinning to reduce wearing out. When compared to flat tappets, it is observed that the roller cams offer a higher powerband. Furthermore, it can have larger spring load acceptance. The key benefit is its excellent performance without any chances of premature engine failure.

ii. Flat Tappet:

This second type of cams has a surface that looks like a flat plane. Usually, they have limited RPM and spring load. However, if you want to use them for obtaining high performance then you need to compromise with their lifetime. Moreover, with a less complex design, these flat tappets are relatively less costly.

Now, these two types of cams come with two available options.

Solid cams- The solid cams feature an accurate transmission of the camshaft profile towards the valvetrain. The same allows these cams to attain a higher powerband when compared to the one in the hydraulic cams. However, regular maintenance is essential else it becomes worn out. Occasionally, it can lead to damage to the engine.

Hydraulic cams- Through a lash-free valvetrain, these cams work quietly and require less maintenance. However, the disadvantage is they come with a limited RPM range i.e. maximum up to 6500.

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For your 5.7 Hemi ram, make sure to equip the vehicle with the best camshaft for the best performance. The efficiency of combustion and overall performance depends on the camshaft you choose.

From the discussion above, the winner is COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam. It offers a significant boost in efficiency and works with high stability. The compatibility is wide and tuning is also great.

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