Best Spark Plugs for 4.8 Vortec –Reviews and Buying Guide 2021



A spark plug is a small device which is a vital component of the engine combustion system. A vehicle is incapable to work efficiently if the plug is broken or faulty. For vehicles with a 4.8 engine, the choice of a suitable spark plug is essential.  The Best plugs for a 4.8 improve the efficiency of the engine of the vehicle. These spark plugs are famous for improving the ignition efficiency. Moreover, they boost the overall performance of the vehicle.

Choosing a compatible spark plug according to your vehicle model and engine capacity provides great benefit. For example, the spark plugs for 4.0 jeep may not be compatible with the engine in other vehicles. Let’s get into more details of the best spark plugs for 4.8 vortec:

1. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4): 

When you want to improve the performance of your vehicle equipped with a 4.8 engine, this ACDelco plug is the best choice. This plug has one great feature i.e. it is made up of iridium. This material provides excellent idle stability and boosts overall performance. Furthermore, iridium presents small and efficient electrode designs. As a result, it leads to enhanced cold starting and faster acceleration. 


Another great feature of this spark plug is an improvement in the ignition of the fuel. The fine-wire electrode made up of iridium improves the fuel ignition. Also, it burns away the carbon deposits present at the tip of the plug when they form. This ultimately results in an excellent fuel economy. A one-piece suppressor seal is available. It blocks radio frequencies which can influence on the vehicle electronics. Moreover, the suppressor seal meters provide more energy for the longevity of the electrode. There will be a reduction in combustion leakage. 

The weight of this plug is 12.8 ounces. It comes with an easy and quick installation process. Make sure to check the plugs gap before you proceed for installation.


  • Improves overall performance of the engine
  • Reasonable price for 4 packs in one
  • Suitable for the engine of truck 
  • Does not uses much fuel
  • Easy installation process


  • May not last longer
  • The gap is wider than needed

2. 8 pcs NGK V-Power Spark Plugs:

If you are searching for one of the Best Spark Plugs for 5.3 Vortec, this product is very useful to you. The pack contains 8 pieces of the spark plugs that come with wide compatibility. You can use them for Chevrolet Silverado model in the range of 1999-2014. One great feature of these spark plugs is they are compatible with various engine capacities. This might be a good choice for those who want a spark plug with broad compatibility. For example, they can work with 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L.


These spark plugs are perfect for older vehicles possessing nickel-tipped spark plugs. Hence, compatibility is excellent. Looking at the design, it shows a nickel alloy center electrode with V-groove on the surface. This kind of design positions the plugs near to the fuel/air mixture for quick ignition. Therefore, the efficiency of your vehicle improves. Moreover, these power spark plugs provide more ignitability than standard nickel-type plugs. Also, the voltage requirement is lower for the ignition system.

One unique feature of all these 8 spark plugs is they prevent leakage and flashover. The included five-rib insulator stops spark flashover that results in damaging misfires.


  • Affordable price
  • Improves ignition efficiency
  • Does not consume much fuel
  • Compatible with many engine types
  • Provides consistent combustion


  • Initially, it seems difficult to setup

3. NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs TR5GP – 8 PCSNEW: 

With the choice of the aforementioned Best plugs for a 4.8 engine, there is a great improvement in fuel efficiency. There are 8 pieces of G-Power Platinum spark plugs available in the pack. Each plug weighs 4.8 ounces and dimensions are 4.09 x 3.54 x 1.89 inches. If you are willing to buy spark plugs that worth your money then this pack is useful. 


One good feature of these plugs is they come in the double iridium construction. This material is well-known for improving the stability and performance of your engine. Moreover, it makes the entire structure durable. Another good feature is it fixes the misfiring issue. This might be very useful to you because it conveys excellent safety during the operation. Furthermore, the gap is set perfectly for high efficiency.  The availability of the plastic sleeves protects these plugs.

Even after years of use, these plugs continue to perform efficiently and flawlessly. The use of iridium makes it long-lasting and reliable.


  • Good quality for the price
  • The gap is set correctly
  • Provides perfect fit
  • No safety hazards
  • Provides efficient combustion


  • Comes with low gas mileage 
  • Limited compatibility 

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Buying Guide for Best Spark Plugs for 4.8 Vortec:

When you intend to choose the plugs for a 4.8 vortec, it is important to know the things to consider. They assist you to get the most of your investment with the best features. Now let’s look at the buying guide of the best spark plugs for 4.8 vortec:

Material construction: 

The spark plugs for 4.8 vortec engines largely differ based on materials used. It also determines how efficiently the plug can perform and how well it can boost the performance of the engine. Generally, the common materials used in most of these plugs are copper, iridium, and platinum. Each material type possesses unique properties.

The copper is known to be an affordable option widely used in the construction of these plugs. It fits older models perfectly. The platinum spark plugs for 4.8 are long-lasting. Moreover, the double-platinum material offers a long lifespan. 

One great material choice to consider is iridium. The spark plugs made up of iridium are durable and boast a high firing efficiency. However, they are costlier than other spark plugs. Moreover, they fire at lower temperatures hence there are no safety concerns. The type of material you choose depends on your requirements depending on the budget and the owner’s manual.

Combustion efficiency:

The key motive behind the choice of these spark plugs is to provide an efficient combustion mechanism. Go through the detailed specifications and look for the one with high combustion efficiency and low heat dissipation. The reduction in heat dissipation leads to an increase in the overall performance of the engine of the vehicle. The efficient heat distribution leads to lower emissions and increased fuel economy.

The quality:

Though there are cheaper spark plugs accessible in the market, it is better to invest in a quality plug. The choice of poor quality plug results in quick wearing out and recurrent replacements. As a result, there is an impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. 

One great feature you need to keep in mind is choosing a quality spark plug from a reliable brand. It serves years of flawless use and also keeps the engine in a good condition. Make sure to choose the one from the reputed brands that possess years of experience in this field. Doing this will benefit you with an increase in the fuel economy and reduced emissions.


One of the most important considerations is to choose a spark plug that works best with your vehicle. It is useless to buy the one that is not compatible with the particular vehicle model. Choose the one that supports the Vortec 4.8 engine. To benefit from versatility, you can consider the one that is also compatible with other engine types. 

Go through the detailed specifications and get an idea of compatibility. Check the model and year of your vehicle and accordingly proceed for the purchase. Also, it is essential to check whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission. This also affects compatibility.

Ease of installation:

The incorrect installation leads to a decrease in performance and some safety concerns as well. If you don’t know how to install, look at the plug’s specification to get an idea on how to install it. Once you install correctly, you will benefit from years of reliable use.


From the discussion above, the winner is ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4). These are the Best plugs for a 4.8 Vortec due to their capability to significantly improve the engine’s performance. Also, they are easy to install and results in lower emission of fuel. At a reasonable price, you benefit from improvement in the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Best Spark Plugs for 4.0 Jeep



A jeep 4.0 comes equipped with a durable spark plug. But, you must have the electrical device examined by a mechanic after driving for approx. 30,000 miles. Choosing one of the best spark plugs for 4.0 jeep helps a lot. It can perform two basic tasks. One of them is sparking the mixture of fuel and air. Another one is dissipating heat from the combustion chamber.

Here are the top best spark plug for 4.0 jeep:

1. Bosch9656 Double Iridium OE Replacement OE Spark Plug:

This Bosch spark plug is the best one in this list due to its extraordinary features. It comes with a durable build quality at a reasonable price. What I liked the most is it comes with a 4 times longer life than other spark plugs

This product has a laser-welded type tapered ground electrode, which is great because it boosts the performance. Another great feature is its ultra-fine wire design. It can help you to carry the spark plug to a long distance.  


I admire its capability to boost the performance in your engine. This spark plug is designed to deliver high performance and longevity. Moreover, it comes with a ground electrode inlay and a double Iridium firing pin. Both of them are responsible for making this spark plug durable. That would be really useful when you want to try out an alternative of standard copper plugs. Another feature I liked is the ribbed insulator design. It stops flashover.


  • Outstanding ignitability and performance
  • Extreme durability in any weather condition
  • Comes with corrosion protection
  • The nickel-plated shell for protection
  • No anti-sieze
  • Affordable price


  • The gap portion comes with the cheap quality of metal
  • Needs more time for installation 
  • Mis-fire issue takes place occasionally 

2. Autolite XP985 Iridium XP Spark Plug, Pack of 1 

When it comes to performance upgrade for a 4.0 jeep, this Autolite spark plug is great. This spark plug come with0.6mm finewire center electrode. It is made up of iridium-enhanced platinum alloy. It provides a great performance boost in the ignition.  Another good feature is it comes with the V-trimmed type platinum sidewire technology. It stops corrosion. As a result, this spark plug guarantees long-lasting use. 


I really appreciate the OE equivalent design. It is designed to make sure this plug works for every engine.  To provide long life, the manufacturer designs these plugs with almost no gap erosion. A multi-rib insulator is available. It decreases the risk of flashover. 

What I liked the most is its necked-down style center electrode. It fires quickly, without any mess, and with less voltage. Hence, the ignition process is always easy and quick. This also helps to improve the fuel economy of the engine. The built-in resistor decreases radio frequency interference. Also, it reduces electrode erosion.


  • Focused ignition for efficient performance
  • Reduced gap erosion and fewer misfires 
  • Cheaper than service from a mechanic
  • Full copper core electrode offers high performance in all conditions
  • Easy to install


  • Does not improve mileage
  • No protective cover included

3: E3 Spark Plugs E3.58 Automotive Spark Plug (1) 

This automotive spark plug is designed to provide optimal performance. It can be used for a wide range of applications. I liked its ability to increase the efficiency of the engine and reduce fuel consumption.  Furthermore, this plug improves hydrocarbon emissions. It may be a good choice for those who want to effectively enhance the performance of 4.0 jeep. 

This spark plug comes with the DiamondFIRE ground electrode, which is secure to the shell using 3 legs.  It provides efficient heat transfer. Moreover, it boosts turbulence within the cylinder.


Another good feature is the excellent durability.  This plug is designed with cold heat ranges to allow performance changes. The yttrium-enhanced alloy is available. This is useful for a reduction in side wire temperature. As a result, there will be less pre-ignition.

With the help of this E3.58 spark plug, there will be an improvement in engine power output. Moreover, there will be a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions from the engine of 4.0 jeep. What I liked the most is this plug helps your 4.0 jeep to run efficiently with the latest technologies. The pack includes this plug, a 14 mm thread, a 0.75-inch thread reach plug along with gasket seat


  • Increases fuel efficiency up to 5%
  • Reduces emission of hydrocarbon
  • Complete combustion leads to more power and consistency
  • No loss of heat during the process
  • Enhances fuel mileage


  • May cause the engine to stall
  • Do not operate well in 6 cylinder jeeps

You can choose more:

Jeep Wrangler Grand Cherokee 4.0L 

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs for 1997-2006 Jeep TJ 4.0L L6

Champion RC12LYC (412) Copper Plus Replacement Spark Plug

Things To Look for Best Spark Plugs for 4.0 Jeep:

The important considerations help anyone to easily choose a suitable spark plug for 4.0 jeep. Let’s look at the things to consider:

1) Ignition efficiency:

The key purpose behind the use of a spark plug for a 4.0 jeep is to ignite the engine. This is why the ignition efficiency is a very important consideration. The feature to consider for this is the electrode gap affects the intensity of the sparking process. As a result, it decides the combustion level of the mixture of air and fuel. Hence, it is easy to understand that you need to buy a spark plug with high efficiency.  

Generally, the electrode gap is mentioned in millimeters. Furthermore, the performance of the engine depends greatly on the electrode gap measures.

Those spark plugs with a wide electrode gap offer a clean burning advantage. On the other hand, those spark plugs with narrow or small electrode gaps do not offer the above benefit. Hence, the ignition efficiency will be less.

2) Time for heating:

The decent quality spark plugs come with less time for heating. The heat rating is useful to determine this factor. Basically, the heat rating is defined as the range of temperatures within which that plug works smoothly. The number shows the score of heat rating. If it’s important for you to find a plug that works better in colder temperatures then go for the one with a higher heat rating.

Generally, the spark plugs with low heat ratings are recognized as hot-type plugs. They are usually suitable for light-duty vehicles. In such plugs, the firing end turns hot rapidly and also provides a bigger surface area to warm gases. On the other hand, those spark plugs equipped with a high rating come with firing ends that take more time to heat up. They are typically referred to as cold-type plugs.

3) Protection:

The protection features may be good choices for use in all weather conditions. In some spark plugs, you may find a nickel-plated shell. It protects against most external factors like extreme heat, rain, and other damage. Moreover, it is good to go for a spark plug with a corrosion resistance feature. It ensures durability for years. Some spark plugs guarantee no misfiring issues

4) Types of spark plugs:

The spark plugs for 4.0 jeep largely differ based on their material construction. In most cases, the materials can be any one from copper, platinum, and iridium.

The copper spark plugs are equipped with a durable core of copper. Moreover, a dense coating of nickel alloy is available. This might be a good choice for those who have older 4.0 jeep models with a low-voltage type ignition system.

The platinum spark plugs are more durable than those made up of copper. Moreover, the hardness of the platinum allows the metal to resist the high temperature of the engine. These plugs can check the pollution and accumulation of residues.

The iridium spark plugs are well-known for durability. They need fewer voltages for making sparks.

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From the discussion above, the winner is Bosch9656 Double Iridium spark plug.  It provides high-performance in terms of ignition. Also, durability is high. The great features like shell protection and corrosion are not found in the other two spark plugs. Also, it is more efficient in terms of the ignition and combustion process. This product fulfills all the necessary features and expectations of the customers for 4.0 jeep. 

How to reset transmission control module Chevy



Are you rid of the same old transmission taking place on your Chevy? Also, do you want to equip the vehicle with something new for efficient transmission? For that, you need to know the way to reset the transmission control module Chevy. The particular process is excellent for an automatic transmission.

The sections in this article guide you on a detailed process for resetting the transmission in a hassle-free way. There is no need to use any other tool if you properly follow the steps. Whenever your Chevy is running slow, this method is useful. When you follow these steps, you will remove confusion on How do I reset transmission control module Chevy Silverado? Continue reading below to get an exact idea on how to reset the module:

Steps to reset transmission control module of Chevy:

Turn key position: 

The first step in the process of resetting the transmission control module is you need to undergo the key position. Initially, you need to turn the key position and adjust it to 2.

Now you need to check the dash lights of the car and make sure these lights are visible. If they are visible, move to the next step. In the first step, no need to push the accelerator and initiate the car. Keep in mind not to do it in the beginning. Once you have set the key position, you need to be careful.

Listen to sounds because there will be two clicks. Subsequently, the dash lights will be turned on. In this position, don’t turn on the engine. This process is also the first step for reset gm adaptive transmission. Know the 4l60e transmission control module location properly for turning the key position.

Press the gas pedal: 

In this step, you need to press the gas pedal. You have to make sure you are pressing it downward. It is helpful if you have pushed the accelerator pedal to the floor since it assists to activate the kick-down switch. In that position, you need to trigger the kick-down switch. Make sure you don’t take off the force from the gas pedal. If you do so, the entire process will be ineffective.


Be patient for the changes to come into effect. Wait for 10 minutes and don’t remove force from the particular gas pedal. The gas pedal starts working in 10-12 seconds for the resetting procedure. Just push it and wait for the process to work successfully.

Turn off the key:

In this step, move to the key again and do not release the pedal. Do this step with your feet on the pedal.  Previously, the keys were turned to 2 and now go through them once more and place them back to their previous position.

Using your hands, turn the key to zero.  You may have a habit of turning the key to zero as well as removing the key. However, in that case, you could not do this same thing and cannot take off the key. Once the key is turned back to the previous position, keep the key there. Keep in mind not to remove it. It is important to check the model and know if it is needed to take off the key or not. In the majority of the Chevy models, the key would not be removed. The 2000 Chevy Silverado transmission problems may happen if the key is not removed.

Release gas pedal:

When you turned the key back to zero position, you can take off the force from the gas pedal. Keep in mind to keep your feet on the pedal all through the previous step. You only need to remove the force from Chevy’s gas pedal when you are finished with turning the key back to zero position. Many users doubt on does a new Transmission Control Module needs to be reset after installing one? The answer is yes because these steps help you to reset the module perfectly without errors.


The delay during the wait is usually not liked by most users. However, doing this assists you in making the reset procedure simpler. Once you release feet from the gas pedal, just wait and give some rest to your Chevy. Taking more time to wait is one of the symptoms of a bad transmission control module. Make sure your Chevy model does not take more waiting time.

Make sure your Chevy’s engine should be allowed to rest for approximately 2-3 minutes. Make sure you keep the key to the left position in the ignition where the off position is available. Also, do not move the key. Wait for a few minutes and then proceed to the next step. 

Drive your Chevy:

The process of resetting the module of Chevy is almost done. Now you have already completed the engine control unit process as well as the transmission control unit process. Now you just need to drive the vehicle. The TCU and ECU processes will work together. They will attempt to learn your driving technique. Also, they would monitor the driving pattern you have and deal with that.

Many people doubt on does a transmission control module needs to be programmed? The answer is yes. You have to program the TCU process as mentioned above. Once you are finished with the ECU and TCU programming, drive your vehicle carefully. You can drive for typically 15-20 minutes.

Keep in mind that you are teaching the engine how you drive. Hence, do not attempt to go for a race. If you are not racing it, make sure to drive at a decent speed. Actually, the speed, in this case, is the speed at which you usually run your car. Also, make sure the transmission you are choosing is smooth. Therefore, you can effortlessly shift your transmission. If you are confused about how to reset the transmission control module on a Ford then follow the same steps as above. If the 1998 Chevrolet Cheyenne k1500 3rd gear is not working, follow the same steps mentioned above.

See detail here:


When you know how to reset transmission control module Chevy, you will not face a problem with the same transmission. The steps mentioned above are easy to follow. Within 10 minutes, you can finish the process and reset this module in your particular Chevy module. Once you are done with appropriate resetting steps as mentioned here, you can drive the vehicle for 15 minutes, and finally, you are done. Also, these steps are helpful if you wish to go for an automatic transmission. When this module is reset, you will find improvement in your driving performance.

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Best cam for 5.7 hemi ram 2021


In any engine, a camshaft is a basic component. It controls the valves. Moreover, it adjusts the amount of blend of fuel and air that goes into the chamber. Ultimately, it controls the efficiency of gas combustion from the earlier ignition cycle. It makes the way for the next charge in the chamber.

There is a noteworthy effect on the performance of the engine based on the type of camshaft used.  Before buying a camshaft, you may get confused about is the Ram 5.7 Hemi reliable? Well, the following article helps you to choose the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:

1. COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

Being the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram in this entire list, this roller cam comes with lots of functionalities. It supports a broad power range, outstanding response, and decent drivability. One of the greatest features it supports is its wide operating range. It can work in the range of 1,800-6,400 RPM. Looking at other specifications, it comes with a 115° lobe separation angle and 212/218 duration at .05″. Moreover, the valve lift is 0.558″/0.563″.


Another great feature is it is designed with the Xtreme Energy technology. This technology offers outstanding power through the improved cylinder head design of the engine. Hence, the RPM potential is high. The three important aspects are the big journal diameter, base circle, and rocker arm ratio of 1.7+. Therefore, the stability is great. Furthermore, there is support for the 3-bolt configuration. It can work well with the GM LS GEN III/IV.  The minor lope at idle makes it a wonderful improvement overstock. Overall, the gains are nice and there is no need to go very much extreme with the valve springs. Once tuned properly, the sound and power gain will be excellent.

To operate this camshaft efficiently, you can use an exhaust set up and an efficient cold air intake mechanism. This hydraulic roller cam is a superb upgrade for a Silverado/Sierra pickup. So, it let it work as an excellent daily driver.


  • High stability
  • Runs efficiently and flawlessly
  • Significant power output
  • The best option for a daily driver 
  • No need for a converter 


  • Installation takes time

2. COMP Cams 112-502-11 XFI 224/228 Hydraulic Roller Cam: 

When it comes to choosing a camshaft for Dodge 5.7/6.1L, you can buy this COMP Cams camshaft.  It supports speed in a range of 2,000-6,200 RPM. The strongest power output is at 2500 RPM. For the operation of this roller cam, an efficient exhaust and wide rev limit are required. Taking a look at the specification, the lobe separation angle is 114°. Due to lobe separation, there will be an improvement in vacuum generation and powerband width expansion. It supports 224/228 duration at 0.05″.  Moreover, the valve lift is 0.547″/0.550″.


You may wonder what is the best tuner for a 5.7 Hemi? Well, this roller camshaft is tuned for efficient use. It can be used for the EFI applications wherein additional airflow indication through the carburetor is not needed.  You benefit from custom tuning and the moderate tuning alterations and programming gives you the best results. 

One great feature it supports is it can fit non-VVT Dodge 5.7/6.1L Hemi. Furthermore, this roller cam functions well with the aftermarket cylinder heads. Also, it offers a significant improvement in performance for the EFI based vehicles. The drivability across the town is excellent.


  • Large engine efficiency
  • Supports custom tuning easily
  • High torque output
  • Comes with an optimum operating range
  • Wide compatibility 


  • Comes with low idle stalling 
  • Absence of the lifters or assembly lube

3. Cam Lifters Kit w/Head Gasket Set: 

This product works best as the 2017 5.7 hemi cam and lifter kit. The kit comes complete with a camshaft, cylinder head gasket set, head bolt set, and a set of 16 valve lifters. Hence, you will get all the components you need for use. One of the greatest features it comes is great compatibility. It works well with the Chrysler Aspen Dodge Durango Ram 1500 with capacities of 5.7L and 6.4L Hemi and MDS engines.

The structure shows a groove that is machined throughout the barrel right in the front of the journal. This makes it compatible with the Dodges Je-eps Chry-slers through automatic transmissions. Also, it is compatible with the latest Durango which is based on the Grand Cherokee platform of 2011. 


This camshaft possesses VVT (variable valve timing) and MDS (multiple displacement system). The MDS works such that while running at the highway, the speed will shut down to utilize just 4 cylinders instead of 8. Hence, there will be not much fuel consumption. There is a crank sensor inside the VVT motor. It includes 58 notches.

When you plan to replace the lifters, it is mandatory to replace the camshaft. When you make replace the old one with this camshaft, you will find that even after approx. 1000 miles, the performance is great. The direct replacement offers a proper fit. Though initially, there will be a slight noise after an hour, the engine will run quietly.  


  • Performance is the same even after extended use
  • Runs quietly
  • Enhanced performance 
  • High stability and reliability
  • Safe and comfortable riding experience


  • No quality control 
  • Some parts are not durable

4. COMP Cams 54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

If you are looking for a camshaft for a 5.7 Hemi ram that offers good torque then go for this one. It offers a great boost in performance and the mid-range power is strong. One of the excellent features is the operating range is wide i.e. 900-6,700 RPM. The lobe separation angle is 114°. Also, there is a support for the 212/218 duration at .05″.  The valve lift is found to be 0.522″/0.529″. There is a special implementation of the Xtreme Energy technology. It offers outstanding power along with the improved cylinder head design of the LS engine. The torque output is excellent from idle to 6800 RPM.

The decent stability lets you benefit from the huge base circle, journal diameter, and rocker arm ratio of 1.7+. It is possible to use this roller cam with GM LS GEN III/IV. Furthermore, it comes implemented with the 3-bolt configuration. The camshaft has a slight slope at idle. It is recommended to use a decent exhaust set up as well as a high-performance cold air intake mechanism. As a result, the camshaft will continue to work flawlessly. The compatibility is nice with the stock stall converter.

Especially if you need a little power from a daily driver then this cam is a great choice. It gives a great boost in power. The gains are nice and there is no need to go very much extreme with the valve springs. When the engine is warmed up, you can listen to the sound. There is no need for tuning once the installation is correct. But to make the most benefit, you can make tuning as per your needs.


  • Lightweight design
  • A nice upgrade for a daily driver
  • Can pick up power at a wide range
  • High torque output
  • No need for a converter
  • Wide operating range


  • Works only for certain dodge car models

5. COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam:

The 222/230 hydraulic roller cam mentioned above is one of the best towing cam for 5.7 ram hemi. It is a great fit for the Dodge 5.7/6.1L HEMI with VVT (variable valve timing). Especially for the 6.4L applications, the performance is excellent. It is necessary to look at its specification. The operating range is 2,100-7,100 RPM. The intake duration is 270 whereas the exhaust duration is 283. Moreover, the intake and exhaust valve lift are respectively 0.615 and 0.609. The lobe separation angle is 115°.

In terms of high horsepower and engine efficiency, this roller cam excels in the market. One great feature it comes with is it does not overload the engine. During the operation, it takes off a significant load off the engine to free up adequate power and torque. So, the extra torque and power can be used for some other purposes. There are no problems with compatibility. This is because this camshaft can work well with the 201-428-17 XFI 226/234 hydraulic roller.

When compared to the conventional engine design, the torque output is quite clear whenever this roller is installed. Hence, some horsepower enthusiasts may get surprised seeing the output of this camshaft. When looking for a camshaft with high engine efficiency, you can go for this one.  Usually, replacing a conventional engine setup with a more reliable hydraulic camshaft can be complex. However, the investment in this camshaft can prove to be worth it in terms of time and money.

One of the greatest benefits is the boost in engine efficiency as well as performance. The corresponding roller system is more reliable. The top-notch design helps to boost the overall performance. Discussing the construction, there is the use of well-built materials. These materials can sustain the rough usage with a 116° lobe separation helping to enhance vacuum production. Installing a hydraulic roller cam for the dodge vehicles takes the performance to the next level. There will be a supply of extra horsepower which the traditional camshafts cannot offer.


  • High horsepower output
  • Excellent engine efficiency
  • Ruggedly built to sustain harsh conditions
  • Compatible with aftermarket cylinder heads
  • Can be used with a super charger


  • Needs extra installation kits
  • May require professional installation

6. Comp Cams 26918CC-KIT .600″ Beehive Spring Kit: 

The 26918CC-KIT as mentioned above is equipped with steel retainers for fit with the ’09-’18 Dodge 5.7L Hemi. It is basically a Beehive spring kit useful for the mentioned model of Hemi. There is no need for any machine work for installation. The execution of the advanced design shows valve springs. They provide high stability and high RPM. There will be an improvement in horsepower and lifespan. These springs manage the stress from the violent camshafts more efficiently than the old single/dual spring designs. 

One of its great features is its unique shape. This shape removes harmful harmonics. After removal, there will be a boost in durability, RPM, and horsepower. Due to the tapered design, the Beehive springs decrease the entire valvetrain weight. This contributes to a boost in RPM potential. Also, it reduces friction and heat. The valve lift support is 0.600″. This is the maximum limit of the valve lift resultant from the violent hydraulic roller camshafts.  Moreover, the use of premium quality materials makes it long-lasting. Using this kit, there is no need to guess some parameters for the HEMI engine.

Weighing only 4.55 pounds, it feels comfortable during installation. The spring kits for this camshaft are available with either titanium or steel retainers. The perfect choice for spring kits perfectly matches the requirements of a modern HEMI vehicle owner. For those wanting the lightest valvetrain, it is better to go for titanium. is the best choice. But, for street application or daily use, the chrome steel offers lasting performance. The pack contains the beehive spring kits for the Dodge HEMI. All essential components are included for proper installation. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • High stability and durability
  • No machine work needed
  • Eliminates the guesswork for a HEMI engine
  • High efficiency
  • Supports new lobe profiles 


  • Absence of filters or assembly tubes

Buying Guide for best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:

When you know the things to consider for choosing a camshaft for 5.7 Hemi ram, you can make a better purchase decision. So, let’s look at the buying guide for the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram:


For efficient operation of the engine of the 5.7 Hemi ram, the proper horsepower is essential. Many customers are confused about how much HP does a cam add to a 5.7 Hemi? Well, it varies in each model and you need to look at the detailed specification before making a purchase. Also, some customers ask on can you cam a 5.7 Hemi? Yes, with proper horsepower output and efficiency, it is possible.


If you are purchasing an aftermarket camshaft, you may be attempting to gain the maximum benefit of your 5.7L engine. The performance of a camshaft is essential for the increase in the efficiency of the engine. You can look at the horsepower and the performance rating of a camshaft to get an idea n the performance. Based on your personal preferences along with the amount of torque required to use in a camshaft, the performance may vary.

Your budget decides the type of camshaft you need to buy. Generally, the high-end models provide more torque output, excellent RPM range, and high performance. You can consider paying a high price if you wish for a camshaft with powerful racing abilities. Substituting a camshaft gives a great benefit in many models. For example, it is possible to add nearly 70 HP to a 5.7 Hemi with a cam change. Moreover, with a decent choice, it is possible to cam your Ram – 5.7 Hemi performance cam swap.


One of the most vital factors to take into account before buying a camshaft is the compatibility with your vehicle. It is useless to buy one that cannot work well with your vehicle. Firstly, check the specification of your vehicle and also look at the product details. Checking out the detail is the foremost step in getting the correct camshaft for a vehicle.

Keep in mind that a camshaft is an extremely specific and cutting-edge vehicle part. Hence, it must not be utilized with incompatible vehicles.

Lobe separation:

The lobe separation is the next inevitable factor of a camshaft which you must pay attention to. It is accountable for the efficient functioning of the intake as well as exhaust valves. Moreover, the process of opening and closing such valves is accountable for the efficient working of the engine. If due to a certain reason the lobe separation is not correctly configured then the timing of the intake as well as exhaust valves will be imprecise.

In some unfavorable cases, this can lead to the malfunctioning of the engine. Hence, the lobe separation is important to consider before investing in a particular camshaft. In the product specification, you will find the info on the lobe separation and the way it functions. If it is not mentioned then you can consider that the lobe separation is based on the purpose, displacement, and compression ratio of the engine.

Types of cams for 5.7 Hemi Ram:

Based on the way they cooperate with the lifter, it is found that there are two available types of camshafts for 5.7 Hemi Ram. The same are discussed below:

i. Roller Cam:

The roller cam does not need spinning to reduce wearing out. When compared to flat tappets, it is observed that the roller cams offer a higher powerband. Furthermore, it can have larger spring load acceptance. The key benefit is its excellent performance without any chances of premature engine failure.

ii. Flat Tappet:

This second type of cams has a surface that looks like a flat plane. Usually, they have limited RPM and spring load. However, if you want to use them for obtaining high performance then you need to compromise with their lifetime. Moreover, with a less complex design, these flat tappets are relatively less costly.

Now, these two types of cams come with two available options.

Solid cams- The solid cams feature an accurate transmission of the camshaft profile towards the valvetrain. The same allows these cams to attain a higher powerband when compared to the one in the hydraulic cams. However, regular maintenance is essential else it becomes worn out. Occasionally, it can lead to damage to the engine.

Hydraulic cams- Through a lash-free valvetrain, these cams work quietly and require less maintenance. However, the disadvantage is they come with a limited RPM range i.e. maximum up to 6500.

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Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger Reviewed


For your 5.7 Hemi ram, make sure to equip the vehicle with the best camshaft for the best performance. The efficiency of combustion and overall performance depends on the camshaft you choose.

From the discussion above, the winner is COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam. It offers a significant boost in efficiency and works with high stability. The compatibility is wide and tuning is also great.

Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger Reviewed 2021


If you are a car enthusiast or want to improve the performance of your car, you must be itching to modify its engine. One of the things people like you tend to upgrade first is the air intake system. Let’s see if we can help you with the following reviews of the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger

Top 6 Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger

How can you add up to 39 estimated HP to your third-generation Hemi engine? You can try with the following cold air intake systems.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 5.7L V8, 63-1561 – The Editor’s Pick

Car enthusiasts surely recognize K&N, one of the best brands offering air intake and air filters in the industry. Our research on one of its cold air intake kits – 63-1561 – shows us it’s one fine choice for anything about engine air filters. This one is compatible with the Dodge RAM 5.7L engine.

The most notable of K&N 63-1561 is its high-quality build and the ability to go up to 100,000 miles. After going through that miles, you can wash and re-oil the reusable air filter included in this kit. Since it has a reusable filter, you can use the cold air intake system for much longer.

As for quality and performance, we’ve looked into reviews, and it does not disappoint.  Using the kit offers your Dodge Ram 5.7 engine with ultimate longevity and 50% more airflow for a boost in horsepower. It also boasts of improved engine sound thanks to that, and the proof is the added power right you can hear under the hood.

Using this cold air intake system from K&N shows your vehicle will have a significant upgrade from air intake to throttle response. Some people might not like its high price. However, it does give the assurance that your car will have a good quality air intake system.


  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to install
  • 10 to 20 HP gain
  • Washable air filter
  • Can last more than 100,000 miles


  • Suitable only to Dodge Ram 5,7 although it can be modified
  • High price

2. S&B Filters 75-5106 5.7L Hemi – The Runner Up

This one is another cold air intake kit compatible only with Dodge Ram. It is specifically suitable for the 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 Classic Body Style with 5.7L Hemi engine. With an internationally accepted ISO 5011 Standard, it boasts of 99.30% efficiency rating and 41.28% more airflow.

It offers quality with the premium silicone parts it comes with, making the airflow kit look better and last longer. One silicone part it has is the air filter that can handle up to 4000-degrees. Besides boosting cold air to the engine, it is also designed to avoid check engine lights.

S7B Filters 75-5106 is known for being practical as it is effortless to install using only hand tools. Included in the package is also a step-by-step manual, which is relatively easy to follow. From what reviews say, you can install it in 30 to 60 minutes. Keep mind that its CARB is still pending.


  • Practical
  • Easy to install
  • Helps you avoid check engine light
  • Silicone parts that last longer
  • Looks great


  • Comes with plexiglass screws that keep falling out

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 300C V8, 57-1542 The Best Product for Limited Budget

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1542 is specifically designed to increase your engine’s performance. It is known as one of the best high-flow intake systems with up to 10 years/million milage. K&N 57-1542 promises up to 50% more airflow, better towing, and improved engine sound.

Capable of removing air path restriction, this air intake kit serves as one of the best substitutes for standard air filters. With an extra size air filter, it’s able to catch more dirt and dust. It has 1000 microscopic cotton fibers – layered and oily – to provide your engine with better protection.

K&N 57-1542 is a one-size-fits-all type of air intake kit. However, it does not precisely fit engines that well. Although it comes with incredible features, there is a huge problem in terms of compatibility. It can take a bit of trial and error and research from other reviews to see if it will fit your vehicle’s engine.


  • Improves engine sound
  • Has an innovative design
  • Good quality
  • Boosts engine performance up to 50%
  • Easy to install


  • Hard-to-follow installation instructions
  • Not exactly one-size-fits-all

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit SPE-9036 – The Upgrade Pick

An excellent upgrade air intake kit, this Spectre SPE-9036 product promises to boost your vehicle’s performance. Spectre boasts of its capability to improve airflow by 50%. It is also said to provide your vehicle with a better towing ability and an engine sound that is music to ears.

The most notable feature of Spectre SPE-9036 is its advanced oiled synthetic fiber design. Thanks to that, this air intake kit can help protect the engine from damaging contaminants. It is also easy to install with basic hand tools. Maintaining it is also easy since you don’t need to do it until your car reaches 100,000 miles.

Providing world-class protection is what this air intake system offers. Inside this kit is a low-restriction Spectre air filter that is both washable and reusable. The package also comes with a black powder-coated heat shield and an aluminum intake tube. It’s a complete kit for a full upgrade.


  • Reusable filter
  • Heat shield
  • Aluminum intake tube
  • Oiled synthetic fiber filter
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance until 100,000 miles


  • The cube could have been an inch longer

Airaid 353-210 Intake System – The Best for More Cooler Outside Air

The benefits that Airaid 351-210 air intake system offers are pretty standard. Just like the other air intake systems mentioned, it promises to improve your car’s performance. We have seen that it has some of the best quality and technologically-advanced materials for an air intake system.

The system was also dyno-tested like the others, designed by computer, and can provide your engine with maximum airflow. With that, it is easy to expect that it will give your car’s engine with more power. Another feature shared with the other air intake systems is the reusable filter.

You can wash it and reuse, providing excellent filtration. As for the installation, it is also relatively easy with only simple hand tools. The most important feature of Airaid 352-210 is the big open-element air inlet it has. Thanks to that, this air intake kit can provide your motor with plenty of cooler outside air.


  • Maximum airflow
  • More HP
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable filter
  • Open-element air inlet


  • A bit expensive
  • Deafening sound from the engine

AFe GT 54-72102 Power Momentum HEMI Intake System – The Best Cold Air Intake for a Price

Many users highly recommend aFe GT 54-72102 Hemi Intake System for a lot of things. aFe GT 54-72102 is a CAD designed air intake system promising to outflow your car’s intake by around 23%. Fitting it into your vehicle is said to give it an extra 14 HP plus 19 lbs. x ft. of torque.

Two notable features include the roto-mold intake tube and the one-piece auxiliary air scoop with sealed housing. They both help your car get improved performance. When it comes to filtering, it boasts of a 5-layer finer oiled and washable gauze made of cotton. This filter allows maximum airflow to the engine, giving it maximum power. 


  • Reusable, breathable filter
  • Boosts HP and torque
  • Easy to fit
  • Good noise under the hood


  • Tad expensive

Genuine Mopar Cold Air Intake System 77060003AC – The Best for Good Throttle Response

This Mopar 77060003AC air intake system is compatible with the 2004 – 2010 Charger, 300, Magnum, and Challenger 5.7L engine. There is not much information about this air intake system, aside from its vehicle compatibility. It is also said to be made of durable materials.

According to reviews of those who have tried, it works great. While they did not sense a horsepower gain, they did get a throttle response. They also said that Mopar 77060003AC has an excellent deep and low sound coming from under the hood. It is stunning, easy to install, and has great performance for the most part.


  • Easy to install
  • Great throttle response
  • Deep sound from the hood


  • Expensive

Why Should You Get Your Car a Cold Air Intake System?

Why would you need a cold air intake system to upgrade your car? It has to do with how the engine works. They call it the combustion technique, a way for the internal combustion engine to turn the pistons. As you probably know, the inner combustion engine draws in air and fuel, igniting using a spark plug (gasoline engines).

It results in the needed pressure for the car to move forward. You need two things for the engine to perform at its horsepower – more air and fuel. One method of doing this is by modifying the motor, so it sucks in more air. More air means the injectors need more fuel, and that equals more horsepower.

You ask yourself, ‘how can I get more horsepower out of my 5.7 Hemi? The answer is by installing a cold air intake system. It will help your Chrysler Hemi engine to get more air, thus more fuel, and more horsepower. Besides increasing horsepower as well as torque, your engine also gets a greater sound.

The louder sound is great for some people, but others don’t like it. That said, do keep that in mind when you decide to get the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger. When you open an engine’s breathing, you can also sometimes get boosted fuel efficiency. Whether it is a good thing or not depends on your car.

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What Benefits Do a Cold Air Intake Offer Your 5.7 Hemi Charger?

There are plenty of benefits to a cold air intake and among them are:

  • More Oxygen

The most obvious benefit if you install a cold air intake kit is more oxygen to the engine. If it gets more air, that means more combustion when it mixes with the fuel in the cylinder. As mentioned, this will result in more horsepower.

  • More Power

It has already been mentioned that with cold air intake, your car’s engine gets increased combustion leading to high horsepower and torque. As a result, your vehicle enjoys better horsepower gain and throttle response, not to mention it can tow more weight.

  • Reusable Filer

A car’s standard air filtration system has a disposable filter. If you get the best cold air intake system, they usually come with reusable filters. You can remove and clean them when needed, allowing you to save money. They are also environment-friendly.

  • Fuel Economy

It’s also been mentioned before how cold air in the engine helps not only boost power but fuel efficiency. With the increased combustibility of the engine, you need less fuel to expend the same amount of power. 

As you can see, the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger is an excellent upgrade. It’s a good investment if you want to improve your car’s performance. You can get more oxygen, more power, better fuel efficiency, not to mention eco-friendly filters.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Cold Air Intake System

How do you find the best cold air intake for 6.4 Hemi Challenger? What about your 5.7 Hemi Charger? Or any other engine for that matter? Start your search by understanding the following factors that affect a cold air intake system.

  • Compatibility

The most important thing to consider when you purchase a cold air intake system is compatibility. You have to make sure that it matches the year, make, and model of your car as listed by the manufacturer. If you try to fit an incompatible cold air system kit, it can damage your vehicle and its system.

  • Oiled Filter Element

An oiled filter element has some good benefits. However, this can cause failures or malfunctions in the air intake unit. The problem you will likely encounter here is the build-up of microscopic oil particles contaminating the airflow meter. One way to reduce or remove this problem is the use of a dry filtering element.

  • Water Ingestion

Any water that gets into the air intake system does not only negatively affect the vehicle’s performance. It may damage the system as well. See if your car’s air intake system is at the bumper’s bottom part or if there is often standing water left in your area. Those things should tell you what to do to avoid water from getting into it.

  • CARB Approval

This factor has something that relates to the law in your state. In California, you can’t operate a vehicle with a modified intake or exhaust system without the California Air Resource Board approving and certifying it. There might be similar laws in your state. If you don’t, it can result in your car getting impounded or a fine.

Keep this in mind when you shop around for the best cold air intake system for your vehicle. It should help you find the one that will make the best upgrade to your car and boost its performance on the road.

Key Features to Look for in a Cold Air Intake System

Besides the factors mentioned above, you want to find the following features in your cold air intake kit:

  • Air Filter

If there’s an essential part of an intake system, it is the air filter. It does not matter whether it is a cold or warm air intake system. It is the filter that ensures dust, dirt, and other particles are out of the engine’s combustion chamber. Thanks to it, your car does not have to worry about dull engine power, reduced fuel efficiency, and any severe damage. The best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger has a specialized air filter.

  • Tubing

In a cold air intake system, the tubing’s special job is to deliver the collected cold air to the engine. With that critical role, you need your cold air intake kit to have tubing with the best materials. The best options for this are plastic, aluminum, stainless, and rubber. Choose the product with tubing made of any of these materials. 

  • Mass Flow Sensor

There’s only one reason why your cold air intake system has a sensor – so you know how much air mass gets into the engine. When you know the air mass flowing through the intake, you can calibrate how much of it that the engine needs. With that, you can maximize the performance of your car. On that note, your two main options for a mass flow sensor are a hot wire and a vane meter.

  • Thermal Barrier

A thermal barrier is crucial to maximize the benefits you get from installing an air intake system. The barrier is what will protect the engine from thermal contamination. If you look for a cold air intake system, look for the one with a barrier made of the best materials like carbon fiber or zirconium.

  • Fender Mount

Another feature you might want in your cold air intake system is the fender mount. It’s an innovative solution that helps further cool the engine’s airflow. You can get the most out of your car’s cold air combustion, thanks to this. 

FAQs on Best Cold Air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger

Do you have some questions about cold air intake systems for your 5.7 Hemi Charger? We will try to answer them below.

  1. Does cold air intake cause damage to your engine?

It probably won’t damage your vehicle’s engine. According to some experts, it will actually improve the performance of the engine, as explained in the earlier parts of this article.

  1. Do you need a tune-up with a cold air intake?

You probably don’t need it. After all, installing a cold air intake kit is only a small change in the engine’s overall flow.

  1. How much HP will cold air intake add?

The amount of horsepower a cold air intake can add depends on the configuration of the specific vehicle. 

  1. What is the best cold air intake for a 5.7 Hemi Charger?

From what we have researched, the best cold air intake for Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi in this list is our best pick – K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561. Compatible with the 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 2500, and even 1500 Classic, it has excellent features for high performance. 

  1. How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a 5.7 Hemi?

How much horsepower your 5.7 Hemi gets from cold air intake depends on numerous factors. The car model, whether it is a Dodge or Chrysler, and their engines will affect it. Of course, the cold air intake system you choose to install in them affects the engine as well. Generally, you can get up to 40 horsepower from this upgrade.


If you ask which of those in the list is the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger, there is no contest. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 63-1561 has the filter, tubing, and thermal barrier down. For other vehicles, the others mentioned are also a good fit.

Best Spark Plugs for 5.7l Hemi Reviewed 2021


In simple terms, the spark plugs are the small bolt that assists the engine of your vehicle to generate power. When you have a 5.7 Liter Hemi, you need to be careful about the choice of a spark plug. The choice of bad spark plug results in reduced efficiency and other concerns.  With the choice of one of the best spark plugs for 5.7l hemi, there will be a smooth burn of compressed fuel and air combination. 

These plugs provide electric current into the combustion chamber. Now there is no need to change the spark plug multiple times once you install the best quality plug for your 5.7 L Hemi. Now let’s go through the details of the best :

1. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter, Set of 16:

In terms of outstanding features, this product is the recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi. There are 16 spark plugs in the pack that are useful for driving the engine of your 5.7L hemi. The package which comes with this kit is nice and neat. You will find the exact part numbers mentioned so that you will not have any confusion.  


These spark plugs have one great feature i.e. it is it provides enhanced mileage to your engine. With its installation, there will be an improvement in the efficiency of the engine. After adding it to your vehicle, you will surely find improvement in mileage. Another great feature is it comes with wide compatibility.  It works perfectly with various vehicle models of dodge ram 1500 from 2009-2013.

From this pack, you will receive factory type plugs that perform efficiently. All these plugs come cushioned for protection. Moreover, the design is high-grade and the construction is durable. At a reasonable price, this pack is a perfect OEM replacement. Without spending excessively, you get the best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi.


  • High-grade nickel for durability
  • Comes in 16 set pack to provide a perfect fit 
  • Comes cushioned for protection
  • Reasonable price for the features
  • Long lifetime
  • Increases mileage of the engine


  • Some plugs need a topside creeper 
  • You need to use the perfect socket 

2. APDTY 141491 Spark Plug & Ignition Wire Tune Up Kit: 

When it comes to efficient combustion, this APDTY kit includes the best spark plugs for a 5.7l hemi. For 5.7L Hemi on your vehicle, there is no need to concern about mileage. This is because this kit includes plugs that boost the mileage of the engine without any compromise in the performance. 


This APDTY kit comes with one great feature i.e. it can work well with various vehicles without any issues on fit. For example, you can use it for 5.7L Hemi on the 2005 Chrysler 300 dodge magnum. Also, you can use it on the 2005 model Jeep Grand Cherokee. Many people use this kit to replace SPLZTR5A13 and 4606701AF.

The kit contains 16 spark plugs, 8 ignition coil boots, and 8 ignition wires. All these components facilitate ease of installation without any hassles. Within very little time, you can finish the setup process and guarantee a perfect fit. Weighing just 1 pound, it feels convenient during installation.  Another great feature of these spark plugs is their exterior is ready to paint if required.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increases combustion efficiency of a vehicle
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with wide compatibility


  • Some misfire issues

3. APDTY Tune Up Kit Includes 16 OEM Spark Plugs:

For every Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Liters Hemi users, these spark plugs are very useful. They are easy to install and provides great performance. The included spark plug wires for 5.7 hemi provide ease of installation. The kit includes 16 spark plug, 8 coil on the plug boots, and 8 ignition spark plug wires. All these components help you to easily and quickly install in your vehicle. 

The spark plugs present in this pack have one great feature i.e. they are very easy to install for beginners. In case you are fed up with running wires or if you want the process to be neat then go for this kit.


In case you are noticing that your truck is operating terribly then once installed, there will be a great improvement in the overall performance of the vehicle. Another great feature of these 16 spark plugs is they provide the perfect fit. Once installed properly, they do not move or come out abruptly. Furthermore, the coil on plug boots denotes 8 in numbers. Generally, for the basic tune-up, everything you require is present in the set. Hence, you don’t need other accessories for installation.


  • All required tools for installation are included
  • No running wires required 
  • Simple and neat installation 
  • Does not feel bulky during setup
  • Improves engine performance


  • Takes some time to install

4. Autolite AP5263-4PK Platinum Spark Plug, Pack of 4: 

The reduction in performance results in fuel waste and many other issues. Now you can get rid of these issues for your 5.7L Hemi with this pack of 4 spark plugs. These platinum spark plugs come with a center wire platinum firing tip. This tip reduces gap erosion and reduces the chances of misfires. As a result, it leads to a boost in the overall performance. 


One great feature of these Autolite spark plugs is they are durably built. There is the use of the high nickel alloy in the side electrode. It helps to maintain an accurate gap. The full platinum tip ensures virtually no gap erosion. 

The center electrode ignites very quickly. Therefore, you will benefit from acceleration. Furthermore, the economy will be enhanced after installation. It is found that the seat type is tapered and the diameter of the thread is 14 mm. In the long run, you will not find any gap erosion because the tip is made up of platinum.  When you desire decent performance along with a boost in mileage of your vehicle, you can go for this pack of spark plugs.


  • Sturdy and durable platinum tip 
  • Increases acceleration
  • Boost mileage of the engine
  • No gap erosion found
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Great plugs at a reasonable price


  • Requires more gaping 
  • Needs anti-seize 

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Buying Guide for spark plugs for 5.7l Hemi:

When you want to pick up the best spark plug for 5.7L Hemi, you need to keep in mind some important factors. They help you make a buying decision easily and quickly. Let’s take a look at the best spark plug for a 5.7L Hemi:

Gap size:

To ensure the right fit, you need to be various conscious about the gap size. If the gap size is imperfect then it leads to a situation in which the spark plug will not fit the right Hemi 5.7L model. Generally, the perfect gap size for Hemi 5.7 Liters is 0.43 inches. Therefore, make sure the gap size is appropriate.

You need to go for a gap gauge for taking out measurements. When you choose spark plugs that come with perfect gap size, it is free to adjust them using a spark plug gapper tool.

The number of spark plugs:

It is important to think about how many spark plugs in a hemi is required for the operation. These vehicle models usually need multiple spark plugs for efficient operation. Also, the fewer number of spark plugs can reduce to decrement in the overall performance and mileage. To understand this, for example, many packs come with a pack of 4 or 16 spark plugs. Hence, such packs are very useful to guarantee the efficient operation of the engine. 

Types of spark plugs:

When the matter comes to selecting the appropriate spark plugs for your 5.7L Hemi, it is important to know the details of various types of these plugs. Some of the fundamental types are copper spark plugs, platinum spark plugs, and spark plugs.

Generally, the copper spark plugs are referred to as the original spark plugs when it comes to price and practicality. At a reasonable price, you benefit from the efficient operation of your engine. Typically, for older engines, these spark plugs are very much suitable. However, for newer engines, go for some other choice because copper is not so durable.

The platinum spark plugs are 10 times sturdier than copper ones. With these plugs, there will be a noticeable boost in the overall performance of your vehicle. Both for older and newer models of vehicles, they are the right fit. Moreover, you can go for the double-platinum to benefit from a great boost in the performance of the engine.

To get the best, you can go for the iridium spark plugs for your 5.7L Hemi. They are very much suitable for modern vehicles. They result in good efficiency and a long lifespan. You will admire how flawlessly your engine works after installation of iridium made spark plugs.


Along with the prominent features, you also need to look at the reliability of the manufacturer. It ensures how flawlessly the plugs operate for the long-term. You can go through the reviews to get an idea of this. Moreover, consider buying those belonging from well-known brands that ensure durability, performance, and reliability.

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The best spark plugs for 5.7l Hemi result in smooth combustion of fuel mixture in the engine of 5.7L Hemi vehicles. They convey safety, reliability, and a boost in mileage. From the discussion above, the winner is Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter (Set of 16). These are the superb spark plugs in terms of durability and capability to boost the mileage. Moreover, they come with wide compatibility and ease of installation. At reasonable price, you get to use the finest spark plugs for your 5.7L Hemi.

6 Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado 2021


If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, one of the things you can replace is the headlights. Whether it is because it is broken or you simply want a different look for your car, it’s a good idea to get new headlights. In that case, you can look for the best aftermarket headlights for Chevy Silverado in the reviews below.

Top 6 Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

Below are the most highly recommended aftermarket headlights for Silverado in the market today:

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Headlamp with Bumper Lights – The Editor’s Pick

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Headlamp is the aftermarket headlight atop our list in style, toughness, and quality. It is a headlamp that includes bumper lights compatible with various Chevrolet cars. Many car owners seem to like this headlight assembly for its stylish design, which is excellent if you want your vehicle to look great on the road.

In terms of construction, AUTOSAVER88 boasts of these aftermarket headlights’ heavy-duty housings. They said to be made of the best O.E.M. grade A.B.S. plastic, which gives the headlights the capacity to resist weather and impact. Durability is one of the qualities that AUTOSAVER88 made sure to focus on when they made these headlights assembly.


AUTOSAVER88 also guarantees the quality of the headlights by ensuring they are thoroughly tested. The headlights were examined for smooth operation, heat and impact resistance, and endurance. When you receive the units, they should also be completely sealed, preventing moisture from getting trapped in the housing.

As all of AUTOSAVER88’s products, this headlight assembly adheres to the safety standards of both D.O.T. and S.A.E. When it comes to installation, this unit follows the plug-n-play style. It is a compatible replacement for a Chevy Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe factory parts without the need for drilling or modification.


  • 1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 & 2500
  • 2001-2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD, 2500HD & 3500HD
  • 2000-2006 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 & 2500
  • 2000-2006 Chevrolet Tahoe 


  • Perfect fit
  • Stylish looking
  • Easy to install
  • Great buy for your money


  • Feels flimsy according to users

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Kit, Black Housing with Bumper Lamp – The Second-Best Product

This headlight assembly kit from AUTOSAVER88 is not only one of the best aftermarket headlights for Chevy Silverado, but also Chevy Avalanche. AUTOSAVER88 also guarantees these headlights’ quality, but many users do not like that it is made of plastic. It might turn you off, but let’s see what more it has to offer.

AUTOSAVER88 says that although plastic, it is of superior quality as it uses O.E.M. grade plastic. It is also tested thoroughly, checked for smooth operations as according to what AUTOSAVER88 claims. The headlights are also completely sealed so that moisture won’t get trapped inside the headlights. 


You can expect the headlights to be resistant to heat and impact with superior toughness. That said, it should be able to handle rough roads for a long time. The installation is also as easy as simply plugging it. The headlights are bolt-on style, so no need for modification or drilling to mount them on your car.

This unit comes with a new reflector, so your car will have better lighting enough to illuminate the road even in bad weather. It should provide you with a comfortable and safe driving experience. One of these headlights’ most significant advantages is that it lets you see wider, farther, and much better. 


  • 2003 – 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500, 1500HD & 2500HD Pickup
  • 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 1500HD, 2500HD & 3500 Classic Body Pickup Only
  • 2003 – 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 & 2500 Pickup (No Body Cladding)


  • Durable
  • Heat and impact resistant
  • Looks stylish
  • Functional
  • High compatibility with various Chevy vehicles
  • Visibility even in bad weather


  • The adjuster malfunctions
  • Made only from plastic

Auto Dynasty Store 4Pcs Chrome Headlight for Chevy Silverado Avalanche 03-07 – The Budget Pick

As one of the leading names in car performance solutions, Auto Dynasty proudly introduces this 4pcs Chrome Headlight. It is the latest version of the Auto Dynasty’s headlights with an O.E. style. It also has bumper lamps, which attract car owners to buy them since it comes with extra replacement parts. 


It is a full set kit, so everything you need should be in the package. Installation is easy since it adopts the plug-n-play technology. You can easily set the headlights within 30 minutes, which is a big help for inexperienced users. As one of the best aftermarket headlights for 2006 Silverado, it increases your Chevy car’s style and appearance.


  • 2003 – 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 & 2500
  • 2003 – 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500, 1500HD & 2500HD
  • 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 1500HD, 2500HD & 3500 Classic

*fits only models that do not have factory cladding


  • Perfect fit
  • Good compatibility with several Chevy models
  • Stylish look
  • Lights the way at night and even in bad weather
  • Easy to install


  • Does not include bulbs
  • Does not include installation instructions

DEPO 335-1145L-AC Headlight Assembly – The Upgrade Pick

If you are looking for a real upgrade, DEPO 335-1145L-AC gives the best it can offer. This one boasts of exceeding the S.A.E. and D.O.T. standards, making it one of the highest quality aftermarket headlights in the market today. Like the first three headlights mentioned in this list, this one is also super easy to install.

There is also no need for any particular modification, and the kit comes complete with everything you need. The unit includes the bulb, the headlamp assembly with socket and bulb, and the signal lamp’s lights. DEPO 335-1145L-AC is an excellent unit that just might be what you are looking for in an upgrade in terms of function and style.

This assembly kit boasts a classy and unique design with a sleek look and elegant feel. It provides enough light dispersal for traveling at night, even in unlit roads. As it comes with CAPA certification and rating, so there is a good chance it is one of the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado that you can find.


  • 2007 – 2013 Chevrolet Silverado


  • Classic design
  • High-quality
  • CAPA certified
  • D.O.T. compliant
  • Easy to install


  • Moisture issue
  • Not a Halo light
  1. D.N.A. Motoring HL-OH-CS99-4P-SM-AB Headlight Assembly – The Best Stylish Pick

Many users regard D.N.A. Motoring HL-OH-CS99-4P-SM-AB to be one of the budget-friendly headlight assemblies in this list. This assembly’s most notable feature is its reflector and lens, which are both said to be of high-quality. It has a smoked amber color that can give your Chevy Silverado with a really nice look.

It has a professional look quality, which is one of its winning features. The assembly has a 304 stainless steel construction, giving it extra strength, durability, and longevity. Its light is sufficient enough to ensure you can drive out at night without worry. It is an easy to install headlight assembly kit capable of giving you optimum lighting.


  • 1999 – 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 & 2500
  • 2001 – 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD, 2500HD 3500HD
  • 2000 – 2006 Chevrolet Suburban 1500, 2500 & Tahoe


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Complete set (driver and passenger side)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install


  • Not night enough light reflection
  • Doesn’t include bulbs
  1. AUTOANDART Aftermarket Replacement Headlights & Side Signal Marker Lamps – The Best for Silverado Pickup Truck

As one of the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado in this list, these advanced headlights make an ideal choice for maximum enthusiasts. AUTOANDART’s Aftermarket Replacement Headlights are a fresh option made especially for Silverado pickup trucks. It claims to have impressive quality with low and high-beam light bulbs for perfect illumination.

AUTOANDART’s Aftermarket Replacement Headlights is D.O.T. and O.E.M. Look certified. That means you can reasonably expect that this one has both good fit, function, and look. It has also been tested thoroughly for all conditions. It is easy to install and compatible with Suburban and Tahoe models, making it a good option for an upgrade.


  • 1999 – 2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks
  • 2000 – 2006 Chevrolet Suburban & Tahoe


  • Perfect fit for Silverado pickup trucks
  • Excellent style
  • Good light
  • Low and high beams
  • Easy to install


  • Water condensation issue
  • Difficulty aligning
  • Mismatch headlights issue

Are Aftermarket Headlights a Good Investment?

Is it really necessary to buy new headlights for your Chevy Silverado? It is a question that must be on your mind for a while now. This question does not have a yes or no answer because everyone has different views regarding aftermarket headlights. It really depends on what you feel about your car.

If you want it to look great and highly functional all the time, then you will eventually need to upgrade it after a while of use. On the other hand, you can choose not to upgrade your headlights if you are perfectly fine with how your car’s factory parts work right now. Not to mention, it depends on the brand you’re looking into and your budget.

If you feel like you want to upgrade your Chevy Silverado’s headlights but still need some convincing, below are some of the strengths and weaknesses of aftermarket headlights. There are a lot of benefits to aftermarket headlights, but there are also drawbacks to them. Consider them before you decide whether to go for it.

Advantages of Aftermarket Headlights

  • They add a custom look to your car, S.U.V., or truck.
  • Most products available are S.A.E. and D.O.T. certified, so they completely street legal.
  • They often have L.E.D. Halo rings, colored or color-changing accents, and other details that make them more attractive.
  • They can have L.E.D. Halo rings, among other design options for a more aggressive look.
  • They are sometimes available with a reflector beam pattern or projector with adjustment screws.
  • They are available with everything needed for installation.
  • They adopt a plug-n-play technology for installation so you can mount them with simply basic technical skills.
  • They have increased performance thanks to CAD technology

Disadvantages of Aftermarket Headlights

  • Repairing aftermarket headlights can be costly.
  • Some aftermarket headlights do not include the bulbs.
  • Most headlights have built-in L.E.D. strips with non-replacement L.E.D.
  • Headlights with L.E.D. strips need extra load resistors to work.
  • Many aftermarket headlights have low weather resistance.

Think about this information and weigh them to decide if you think it is good to upgrade your Chevy Silverado’s headlights.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

It is not easy to find the right aftermarket headlights for your Chevy Silverado. The biggest hurdle is your car itself. The Chevrolet Silverado has been around for decades, so there are many different models available. Thus, it can be overwhelming to find which headlights are for your specific Chevy Silverado, especially if you are an inexperienced customer.

But don’t worry. Below are some things that can help you when shopping for the best aftermarket headlights for your Chevy Silverado:

  • Your Specific Chevy Silverado Model

The first factor to keep in mind is, of course, the specific model of your Chevy Silverado. Everything else will be useless if the kit you bought is not compatible with your vehicle. With that being the case, start getting to know your model. Consult with a mechanic if you are unsure what model your Silverado is to understand what headlights fit it.

When you finally know the exact model of your Chevy Silverado, then you can be confident in buying the right aftermarket headlights. That being the case, remember to look at the compatibility of all the headlights mentioned above. That way, you can be sure that you buy the one that will fit your Silverado.

  • Brand and Quality

Many brands are offering a wide array of headlights kit for Chevy Silverado. If you want the best, you should look at the most renowned and reputed brands known for quality headlights. The top brands for aftermarket headlights are AUTOSAVER88, D.N.A. Motoring, DEPO, Auto Dynasty, and Spyder Auto.

  • Brightness

Check the lumens of your choice of headlights, which measures the brightness you can see at the necked eye. A bulb with more lumens is a bright bulb, so better choose that one. Of course, do not forget to select the significantly durable headlights. You want them to be able to take on the rough road conditions.

  • The Type of Light Bulb

One critical factor to consider when looking for aftermarket headlights is the type of bulb. It is best to get a light bulb that is bright and reliable, especially at night and during harsh weather conditions. Your available choices include:

  • L.E.D. – It is the latest option available and is highly energy efficient. It can produce bright light even though it uses less power.
  • Halogen – They are long-lasting and produce reasonable brightness but are less energy efficient.
  • Xenon – These bulbs are more modern, durable, and energy-efficient. They also produce a brighter light than halogen.
  • Installation

It is best to choose headlights that are easy to install. Some might need drilling or modifications, but most are plug-n-play or bolt-in. These types are easy to mount even if the unit did not include installation manuals. Easy to install headlights mean you do not need an expert installer to mount them.

  • Style and Looks

Since you are already upgrading your Chevy Silverado’s factory headlights, it would be great to get new ones that look great. Of course, choose those that go with your style and preference. That way, you can boost the appearance of your Chevy Silverado while also improving its illuminating ability.

  • Budget

Last but not least, consider your budget. Remember this one rule – you get what you pay for – which means cheap headlights are likely cheap in quality as well. You may be able to find budget-friendly ones that are great, but that takes careful shopping. But if you want to get the best, know that it will be quite a sum of money.

F.A.Q.s on the Best Aftermarket Headlights for Silverado

What is the best aftermarket headlights for Chevy Silverado?

As you can see in this article, the best aftermarket headlights for Chevy Silverado we recommend is AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Headlamp with Bumper Lights.  It is stylish, super easy to install, sturdy, and compatible with multiple Silverado models. It is an excellent value for money that puts it at the top of options for aftermarket headlights.

What is the best brand of aftermarket headlights?

The best brand of aftermarket headlights, we believe, is a matter of personal choice. But for us, we certainly like the headlights from AUTOSAVER88. Both our numbers 1 and 2 on this list are from this brand. They have excellent features, compatible with various models of Chevy Silverado, and offers good performance.

How to adjust the headlights on a Chevy Silverado?

It’s easy. First, turn the screws on the top part of the headlamps to the clockwise direction. It will then increase the beam. That means turning it anti-clockwise will lower the beam. You can simply turn the screw to fix the headlights the way you want.

How do you install L.E.D. headlights on a Chevy Silverado?

The simplest way of installing headlights, L.E.D. or not, starts with opening the car’s hood. After that, find the backside of the headlight assembly. Once you found it, disconnect the harnesses gently from every headlight assembly. Move them aside. You can usually remove the headlight bulbs by turning the exposed plug counterclockwise, about 1/4 of a turn. Make sure you have clean hands before installing the new bulbs you bought. Be careful not to touch the bulb, especially the glass portion, or there is a chance it will fail. Put the bulb in the opposite order of the removal process. When it is complete, you can then flick them on to try if they work.


Well, there you go. 

This list introduces you to some valuable information to find the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado. Before shopping around, keep in mind these:

  • Your Chevy Silverado model
  • Budget
  • Style and durability
  • Installation
  • Brightness and type of bulbs

Considering these factors, the most highly recommended headlights in our list of reviews is AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Headlamp with Bumper Lights. This unit comes with both assembly and bumper lights, so that’s a big plus. More importantly, they are durable, stylish, and a perfect fit for multiple Chevy Silverados.

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Best Lunchbox Lockers –Review and Benefits



The lunchbox lockers are forms of an automatic locking differential. They are installed after replacing few components of the differential carrier with those components that are provided by the lunchbox lockers. With the choice of the lunchbox locker, you will benefit from the ease of installation. This is because it reuses the carrier. No need to replace the bearings and shims. The below article will make it easy to choose the best lunchbox locker:

They reuse the existing carrier in the differential.

What Is A Lunchbox Locker And How Does It Work?

In the market, there are various types of lockers available and each works uniquely. Out of them, the lunchbox lockers are beneficial to those who are on a budget. Its name -lunchbox originates from the fact that you pack different lunches within the same reusable box. Actually, in this case, the stock carrier is in the box and the locker is present in the lunch.

A lunchbox locker is uniquely designed to uniformly divide power between both wheels. This happens irrespective of which wheel possesses traction. However, it needs to stay open in normal driving situations to make sure the differential work effectively. The lunchbox lockers are also famously known as drop-in lockers.

The below section shows how a lunchbox locker works:

Inside a lunchbox locker, the hole in which the center pin passes through is not shaped like a perfect circle but it is shaped like an oval. Whenever torque is exerted, it forces the pin to shift slightly. Whenever the pin shifts, it pushes the cam gears inside the axle gears. Hence, they lock together.

When no torque is applied, the pin regains to the middle of the oval. After that, it stops pushing the cam gears towards the outside. As a result, the cam gears will spin over the axle gear and this will make the ratcheting noise. The lunchbox lockers are well-known for making this noise.

Top 4 Best Lunchbox Lockers reviews:

Let’s see which lunchbox locker best suits your needs:

1. Spartan Locker SL D30JL-27 Lunchbox Locker:

The D30JL-27 product is the best lunchbox locker in this list due to its unique features. When it comes to finding out the best lunchbox locker for dana 30, you can go for this lunchbox locker. It is compatible with the Dana 30 JL M186 differential. Moreover, it can fit the Dana 30 JL M186 equipped with 27 spline axles. This product has one great feature i.e. durability. It is built from 9310 steel for extra strength. Another great feature is it substitutes the spiders inside a standard carrier case.


With the use of high-quality steel that passes the strict proprietary heat treatment from Yukon, this locker exerts high torque. The high torque output leads to high efficiency. Furthermore, this lunchbox locker offers reliable traction at a reasonable cost. This might be a good choice for those who want a cost-effective lunchbox locker. 

The design of this Spartan locker does not use the thrust washers. Also, it comes with an innovative spring and pin design which makes installation quick. It is found that this locker works well for a maximum of 35 spline axles.

Within a few hours, you can complete its installation process. In most cases, it is found that this unit will take some effort from the user end. This is because the axle needs to be worked in and out until the spline cutout for the clip aligns with the opening.


  • Does not make much noise
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to install 
  • Affordably priced
  • High torque output


  • Does not last longer
  • Not enough instructions 

2. Spartan Locker SL T8-30:

When looking for a top-quality lunchbox locker, you need to look at the compatibility. This SL T8-30 locker is found compatible with Toyota 8-inch differential-30 Spline axles. This product comes in 9310 steel, which is great for durability. It provides added strength. Another good feature is it fits the Toyota 8-inch with the 4 cylinder engine. Moreover, it can replace the spiders in a typical carrier case. 


At a reasonable price, it offers good traction. During the operation, it does not utilize the thrust washers. Furthermore, the advance spring and pin design speed up the installation process. I really appreciate the capability of this locker to work well in your daily driver. It can click or pop around the corners. Even off-road, it works great.

One great feature is it does not create much noise during the operation. You may notice some clicking in turns, chiefly if you are standing outside a vehicle; however, it is not noticeable. Even after years of use, this locker stays in a good condition.


  • Install is quick and easy
  • Works well on the trails
  • Cheaper than other lunchbox lockers
  • Durable steel construction
  • Wide compatibility


  • Gets quirky on road
  • Cross pin is not durable

3. USA Standard Gear (SL C8.25-27) Spartan Locker:

This lunchbox locker is suitable for the Chrysler 8.25 differential along with 27 spline axles. It unlocks effortlessly for typical street driving as well as it locks up when required. It is the best lunch box locker, especially for a daily driver. 


This Spartan locker comes with easy drop-in installation. This might be a good choice for those customers worrying about installation hassles. Another good feature is it comes in 9310 steel construction. This steel material makes this lunchbox locker very durable and long-lasting. Moreover, this locker is heat-treated for added strength.  The precision-cut teeth offer high effectiveness during the operation.

At a cost-effective price, it offers superb traction. Furthermore, the design does not make use of the thrust washers. The innovative pin and spring pin design helps a lot for installation. There are no worries about using this locker in snow and rain. It can work reliably in all weather conditions. Moreover, it can lock full on the rear 2 wheel action. The proper use of this lunchbox locker allows the user to buy it again for different applications. 


  • Quality locker at a reasonable price
  • Minimal noise 
  • Offers enough traction
  • Works well in all outdoor conditions 
  • Comes with sharp teeth


  • Takes some time for setup
  • Needs expert handling 

4. Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right (Dana 30): 

This product is the best lunchbox locker for dana 30 for off-road and on-road use. It is compatible with 27 splines and comes with a pin. This Powertrax lunchbox locker has one good feature i.e. durability. It is constructed from Zytanium ultra-strength alloy that makes it durable and reliable. Generally, this locker is best suited for extreme on-road to off-road use. 


During its operation, it replaces the spider gears inside your open differential carrier. This is made possible with the help of basic tools. There is no change in ring and pinion settings. Another good feature is it comes implemented with the 3×2 spiral gear technology. The Powertrax Grip Pro offers adjustable traction. Depending on the throttle input, it is easy to control the amount of traction to be applied. This locker is suitable where effectiveness is as valuable as the traction.

It can work well on the road, in snow, and rain. Hence, it can work well in most weather conditions. One more unique feature is it blends the smooth operation of a differential having limited slip with the power of a forged steel case.  During the use, there will be minimal ratcheting sound.


  • Comes with Powertrax no-slip traction mechanism 
  • Budget-friendly lunchbox locker
  • The noise is not noticeable on the road
  • Straightforward installation
  • Excellent traction 


  • Not so durable
  • Instructions are not clear

Benefits of Lunchbox lockers:

When looking for the Best Lockers For Jeep JK or best lunchbox lockers, you need to know the benefits. They help you to make a better buying decision. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the lunchbox lockers:

Perfect lock and unlock:

Due to the application of powerful torque, most lunchbox lockers lock perfectly. Also, it is easy to unlock when needed. When you stay at precisely the same speed or slow down in a corner, the locker behaves perfectly. You just need to make sure there is no excess acceleration. Hence, there would be no issues related to unsafe handling. The perfect locking and unlocking mechanism makes them suitable for various applications.

Good traction:

For flawless use, the traction is inevitable. This might be very useful to you when you need to use it in any weather conditions. Many of the decent quality lunchbox lockers allow you to control the traction, according to the needs. The excellent traction makes sure there will be no issues when driving on the road in wet, icy, or snowy conditions. Another great thing is you get good traction at a cost-effective price in most lunchbox lockers. No need for using extra parts to manage the traction.

Minimal noise:

It is common to understand that all lunchbox lockers make some ratcheting sound when locked. However, this noise is minimal and not so noticeable. Even during unexpected lock and unlock, this noise is not very loud. Depending on how you corner in vehicles, the sound may vary but it is generally not loud.

Ease of installation:

Most manufacturers design lunchbox lockers with ease of installation. The innovative spring and pin design make installation easy and quick. Moreover, the easy installation determines that it does not need much maintenance. Hence, you can continue using it for a long time without any extra cost.

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From the discussion above, the winner is Spartan Locker SL D30JL-27 Lunchbox Locker. It is the best lunchbox locker due to high torque output that leads to high effectiveness. Also, the traction is very good at the offered price. During locking and unlocking, it does not make a loud noise. Moreover, the installation is quick and easy. At a feasible price, you get to use a feature-rich lunchbox locker. 

Best Cold Air Intake for 6.4 Challenger



If the car’s engine cannot intake more air, its performance is significantly influenced. For 6.4 challengers, it is important to ensure the air intake is sufficient. To remove the confusion on what is the best cold air intake for Dodge Challenger? the following article is useful. The corresponding air intake systems enhance power by increasing airflow. These air intake systems are prepared in cold air or standard replacement or short ram types for high performance. To provide enough torque and horsepower from your engine, this cold air intake system is useful. Let’s look at the details of some of the best cold air intake for 6.4 challengers:

1. Mopar 77070043AC Cold Air Intake:

This cold air intake system from Mopar is designed to enable cool air outside via the directional cone filter as well as a funnel.  It is the best cold air intake for 6.4 challenger due to its tons of features meeting the expectations of customers. It directly feeds the intake air and boosts its efficiency. This system has one great feature i.e. it provides a significant boost in torque and horsepower. This is applicable irrespective of the weather conditions. The kit contains a blue filter and a Mopar logo is available on the intake tube. 

The corresponding bolt-on mechanism is uniquely designed to facilitate cool air inside. This intake system weighs 7.74 pounds. Another great feature is its excellent compatibility. It can work flawlessly with 2011-2017 Dodge Challenger 6.4L and 2011-2017 Chrysler 300 6.4L. Due to wide compatibility, this cold air intake system is recommended for use in all Challenger owners.  In most conditions, it is found it easy to install and use.  All the features are great for the price offered.



  • Worth the money
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit
  • Provides efficient airflow
  • Enough boost in horsepower and torque


  • Difficult to use initially

2. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance:

When the matter comes to boosting the horsepower of the 6.4 challenger, this air intake kit works great. It is assured to boost the horsepower for models like 2011-2019 Dodge/Chrysler and 6.4L V8. One great feature of this kit is it is dyno-tested with a maximum of 50% airflow compared to the restraining factory box air filter as well as intake tube. There are no hassles regarding maintenance; no need to clean filter up to 100,000 miles.


Another great feature is it improves towing ability. There is a significant boost in acceleration as well as uphill performance during towing. This is made possible with the boost in the throttle response. Due to the top-notch protection, the engine stays protected against harmful contaminants. The aforementioned features make this kit the best cold air intake for 6.4 hemi ram 2500. The installation process with the help of bolt-on power is completed in less than an hour. Simply use the basic hand tools for installation. 

All the K & N air intake systems including this one are one of the simplest ways to boost the horsepower of the engine. The overall design shows sleek aesthetics for a beautiful look. Moreover, this air intake kit is made available in a wide range of finishes and also comes with powder coatings.


  • Designed to boost horsepower 
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Includes cabin air filters for frequent cleaning
  • Removes airflow obstruction in your engine
  • Protects engine from harmful contaminants


  • Limited compatibility 

3. Spectre Performance 9003 Air Intake Kit: 

When searching for the best cold air intake for 6.4 hemi challenger, this air intake kit from Spectre Performance works great. It is a perfect fit for the 2011-2014 V8-6.4L F/I Challenger. One great feature it comes with is a significant boost in torque and horsepower. Moreover, the design of the air intake tube shows polished aluminum. This aluminum material gives a beautiful finish. If you are confused about how much horsepower does a 6.4 Challenger have? then look for the detailed specifications before purchase.


There is the inclusion of a red Spectre air filter. It frequently cleans the air for a boost in performance. All products from this brand including this air intake kit are tested to provide excellent performance and durability. Another great feature is that this air intake kit is found suitable for all DIY car enthusiasts. Hence, they can easily design and create a cold air intake for their updated truck or car.


  • Very well made
  • Worth the money
  • Fits perfectly
  • Beautiful finish


  • The filter cannot stay on the tube

Buying Guide for cold air intake for 6.4 challenger:

Some of the essential factors discussed below help you to ease your buying decision for the cold air intake for 6.4 challenger. Let’s look at them:

Filter mechanism:

The key purpose behind using these cold air intake systems is they provide enough airflow to the engine. The built-in air filter is therefore a recommended component to consider. Whether it is warm or cold air, the air filter is the most important component. It keeps away dirt, dust, and other particles outside the combustion chamber. As a result, there will be no reduction in engine power and fuel efficiency. The majority of the cold air intakes are equipped with their own air filter. 


One of the finest things about all the cold air intake is they are not so difficult to install. However, you still need to check the ease of installation before making a purchase. Make sure the kit includes all the basic hand tools for ease of installation. The majority of these intake systems can be bolted in place of your stock system using simple hand tools.

Tube design:

The tube system comes with a unique purpose for the cold air intakes. This is because it can collect cold air as well as deliver it to the engine. Typically, it is prepared from the finest quality materials like plastic, rubber, stainless steel, or aluminum. It is usual for the cold air intake tube system to go through the fence of a car.

Fuel economy:

It is wrong to believe that gas mileage is compromised due to additional power and the throttle response. However, this is not true with performance air intake systems. These cold air intake systems increase the fuel economy and also save you money. 

With the improvement in the combustion of the engine, you will receive more energy from every drop of the fuel. Hence, your engine will use less fuel in each mile. Moreover, the acceleration and additional power you would receive from a performance air intake could motivate you to drive a bit harder.  It is recommended to keep your driving style humble. As a result, you will receive power when needed without spending on gas.

Extra features:

Many manufacturers of cold air intake for 6.4 challengers equip the systems with a heat shield. Enclosing the intake system inside a heat shield efficiently insulates it from the heat produced from the engine. As a result, it can boost performance. The inclusion of a fender mount is one more additional feature that can be considered.  Few cold air intake systems utilize advanced solution lie mounting to the fender to facilitate enough airflow into the included engine. Generally, the fender mounted intakes are superb for obtaining the most benefits of the cold air combustion.

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To provide enough oxygen into your engine, these cold air intake for 6.4 challenger are the best ones.  The enhanced oxygen supply indicates that there will be efficient combustion after the air combines with the fuel in the cylinders. 

From the discussion above, the winner i.e. the best cold air intake for 6.4 challenger is Mopar 77070043AC Cold Air Intake. It efficiently improves the horsepower and torque of the engine of 6.4 challenger. Also, it is easy to install and affordably priced.

Best Battery for Cummins 6.7



When you have knowledge about auto parts help you to make an informed decision during purchase. Generally, diesel engines are recognized as the most efficient engine option. This holds true, particularly for the pickup trucks. The turbo-diesel engine can produce a lot of constant torque and horsepower with the top-notch towing. Therefore, it is vital to make sure there is the best battery option available for a quick start. For powering the Cummins engine, look for a battery with efficient power. The following article helps you to choose one of the Best Batteries for 6.7L Cummins:

1. Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery:

Known as the best battery for cummins 6.7 in this list, this automotive battery comes with tons of features useful for the users. One of the greatest features it comes with is the extended cold-cranking amps delivery. It suggests that there will be more power supplied for Cummins 6.7. This automotive battery comes with a reverse terminal. It includes 140 R. C. (reverse capacity) and 800 CCA (cold cranking amps).


Another great feature it comes with is it provides 20 times vibration resistance than traditional batteries. The reduction in vibration makes sure the efficiency is high. There is the inclusion of straps, welds, and posts. 

The entire battery comes with sealed housing with a corrosion resistance feature. Also, the battery includes several venting systems. There is the availability of 2 vent holes for the vent tubes. New hardware is available for the vent tube. Also, you will find a vent port and a plastic plug for insertion into the vent hole when not in use. There are no hassles found regarding the fit. There will be a significant boost in durability and power delivery efficiency.


  • Plenty of CCP and offers a perfect fit
  • Easy to grab its carry handles
  • No installation hassles
  • The housing is corrosion resistant
  • Excellent durability and power delivery


  • May damage after a few months

2. Odyssey Battery 94R-850 Performance Automotive Battery: 

If you are looking for the Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins Diesel Engine, you can consider this Odyssey battery. Compared to traditional batteries, this one offers a 70% longer cycle. Looking at its specification, it comes with 1500 PHCA, 850 CCA, and 1000 MCA. The height and width are respectively 7.47 inches and 6.8 inches. One great feature it comes with is it can be stored in an open circuit for maximum of 2 years. Within 4 to 6 hours, it can be recharged to full capacity. 


Another excellent feature is it could be mounted in varied positions except inverted. This battery is designed to handle the enhanced use of the onboard accessories in Cummins and other today’s vehicles. There is a combination of excellent reliability, long service life, and deep cycle capabilities. Moreover, the reserve capacity (RC) and cranking amps (CCA) are excellent. You can install this automotive battery in daily use vehicles.


  • Fit perfectly like the original battery
  • Gets recharged in a few hours
  • Cab be mounted in various positions
  • Can start well in cold weather
  • Suitable for many different vehicles


  • Not so durable

3. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery: 

When searching for the best battery for dodge cummins diesel, this ACDelco battery is a wonderful choice. One great feature it includes is the dense negative paste. It boosts performance as well as battery life. Moreover, the silver calcium stamped alloy boosts cycle life and also boosts the overall performance. With the presence of the calcium lead positive grid, there will be a boost in conductivity.


It comes with a key component i.e. durable envelope separator which comes with the puncture-resistant rear part. As a result, there will be a boost in the circulation of acid and it also prevents shorts. The boost in acid circulation makes sure the battery stays cool. It also results in enhanced battery life. The unique vent cap design prevents acid leakage. You can go through the user manual before using this battery. In this battery, oxygen recombination decreases water loss and guarantees excellent performance free from maintenance.


  • Offers excellent form and fit
  • Affordably priced
  • Very high performance even for police vehicles
  • Resists acid leakage
  • A great boost in conductivity 


  • Takes more time to recharge

Buying Guide for Best Battery for Cummins 6.7:

Types of battery:

Before making a purchase of battery for Cummins 6.7, look for the types of batteries. Primarily, there are 2 types of batteries for your diesel engine based vehicle in the market. They are AGM and lead-acid batteries. The AGM batteries are known to be sustainable options whereas the lead-acid batteries are the common options for diesel pickup trucks.

Cold-cranking amps:

The cold-cranking amps (CCA) indicate the total number of amperes the battery could discharge at a speed of 7.2A for 30 seconds at 0°. The extreme cold is one of the main reasons that lead to the difficult start of the engine. In case you live in a region where the temperature constantly drops below 0° F, look for a battery with a high CCAs rate. 

Reserve capacity:

With 25A of discharge, the run time of the overall battery is regarded as the Reserve capacity (RC). The corresponding measurement will usually influence the number of accessories you can operate by your truck before the battery dies. For that, the AGM battery is superb because of the highest RC. Generally, the AGM battery can retain nearly 80% of the charge after a significant discharge.


For your Cummins 6.7, make sure the battery you select has excellent reserve capacity, durability, and cold-crank amps. All these 3 batteries fulfill these aspects. They are useful for upgrading diesel engines in Cummins 6.7L.

From the discussion above, the winner is Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery. It provides excellent power delivery and a perfect fit for the vehicle. The heavy-duty power drives the engine of Cummins 6.7 perfectly.