Some useful tips to do auto scratch repair

At least one time, you might have faced a scratch on the paint of your vehicle. But there are some tips to do auto scratch repair by yourself, without going to costly auto body shop. Every car will face scratch in the body or glass at least for one time. First of all, you should know the type of paint applied in your car. If it is enamel, then it needs to be repaired by a professional. If not, then the below tips will be useful to fix it by yourself.

How to repair auto scratch

Whenever you repair auto scratch, then the surface of any material should be washed that would have impact on the bonding of the paint that is going to be used to fix the scratch on your vehicle. Also, when the car has been waxed, then it reduces the capability of the paint to create adhesion to the metal. This will definitely create a paint line. A mild dish agent is enough to remove the wax that disturbs the auto scratch repair process.

As the next step, you should use fine-rained sand paper in the scratched area of your vehicle. You can do it manually by your hands, because when you do this task with hands, you can ensure that your vehicle not over-sanded and also this will minimize the chance of damage to your vehicle and the paint on it. Also you should never use electric sander for a simple scratch on your vehicle.

When you use this electric sander, it will leave ugly marks on your vehicle after the scratch has been repaired. When you do sanding, then you should go with the direction of the scratch. This will reduce the ugly marks on the vehicle.

You can easily remove the rust near the scratch area using rust-cleaner. Before painting, you can cover the surfaces around the scratch using newspaper. This makes sure that only required area is painted. You should be careful in choosing the color of the paint. You should choose the paint with the tone as original.

Tips to do glass scratch repair

Initially, the scratches may look small, but later with extreme stress and temperatures; they may go longer and deeper in a spider web patter. Therefore, glass scratch repair is essential for your vehicle.

The process of glass scratch repair involves the filling of resins in the damaged area and binding them together. The scratch in glass does not disappear completely, but it will look better than before. Moreover, this process will prevent the scratch to go longer and deeper. Also you can go to auto repair center to remove the scratch from your vehicle. Else you can call a repair technician to your house to repair the scratch. Usually the process of glass scratch repair will take around 30 minutes.

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